Just 'Cos You're Gone Now, "More Than A Feeling" Is Still The Best Song In The World...Mature

The loss of a friend. The end of an era. Mortality creeps closer and gives you a knowing smile.

   I lost my best friend a little while ago. May 3rd 2010 to be more accurate, "just the facts, Ma'am."  When I write I lost my best friend I mean, of course, that he up and died on me, but I guess you'd already figured that out. It's not that I turned around to look in some shop window, turned back and he was gone and I couldn't find him routine, don't get me wrong, but, well, he kind of woke up one morning dead. It's funny, writing best friend at my age, (47 if you're really interested), I suppose we've all got them or had them, but to me best friend  kind of conjours up playtime on the first day at junior school: "I have a best friend, I'm not alone". But re-reading what I've just written, well, yeah, in retrospect I guess it's not funny ha-ha, more of a bloody slap in the face the world's-gone-fucking-wrong way.

The End

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