The BeginningMature

Cal Corrigan and Finn Bradbury have been friends since birth. However, the end of high school is approaching, and the real world is just outside the door. Will they survive? And when Finn starts keeping secrets, will Cal be able to discover them in time to save their friendship?

I think perhaps I should start at the beginning.

Finn Bradbury and I were friends from the moment of birth. It was completely by accident; two families from different sides of Chicago, with different lives; the only common denominator being that our mothers happened to go into labor at similar times. The hospital was already overcrowded, and thus both Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Corrigan ended up on the same maternity ward. Soon after the event, both babies were whisked away. One boy named Finn, and another by the name of Callum, later to become Cal. There were laid down in identical cots, curious at their new surroundings. Of course all this I have found out after the fact, so there may be some exaggeration. Apparently Finn and I looked at one another, and just stared in that wondrous way that only newborns can. Dad says that he knew then that we were destined to be part of one another’s lives. Needless to say, after the traumatic experience of giving birth together, Mom and Mrs Bradbury felt like they had to stay in touch. Finn and I had our first birthdays together, in a play park that has since been torn down. We braved daycare – in that place it was we two against the world, brothers in arms. Then, when Finn and I were six years old, the Bradburys moved into the house next-door to ours.

I should point out that by this moment in time, Finn and I were joined at the hip. We even looked like one another: We were both tall for our age, with sandy hair and freckles. In fact, the only difference was our eyes. I had greyish blue ones, whereas his were a dark brown, so deep they were almost black. My parents were under the impression that too much time inside was bad for children, so Finn and I spent that summer wandering the two blocks around our houses that were our ‘territory’. We were due to start first grade in the fall, so we planned to make the most of the short-lived freedom the summer brought.


The End

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