First Day

Brittany is the biggest zombie fan in the world. She writes about them. She watches anything to do with them. She listens to songs about them. She even has a special weekly dress-up day for them. But when a mysterious death occurs in her hometown, Brittany starts to think maybe zombies aren't a good thing . . .

"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the dead bite," Brittany sings along with her IPod as she gets ready for school. "Hmmm, what should I wear?" she asks to herself as she holds up a shirt with blood-spatters and another with the phrase, "If I'm running, it's because zombies are chasing me!"

"Brittany, hurry up and get to school!" Mom calls from downstairs. "You don't want to be late again!"

"Ok! Coming!" Brittany chooses the blood-spatter one and puts it on. She grabs a brush and hair tie and stylizes her hair to a ponytail.  She grabs her IPod and heads downstairs to greet her mom. "How's Caleb?" she asks.

"He's doing fine. And I'll take him to the new day care," Mom replies. "Now go and make good grades."

Brittany rolls her eyes. "Fine. See you later."

Brittany heads out and gets into her Jeep. She starts it and drives out of the driveway. The day is sunny and warm. "And probably a good day for some zombies," she says to herself. She turns up the volume in her IPod and hums as she gets to school. She knows it's going to be an interesting first day of school.

The End

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