Day 3 part 2Mature

Here I am driving back to work as happy as I can be. Nothing on earth could possibly bring me down. The building comes into view and I pull up smiling brightly, the elevator was shaking a bit, but this things old so I wouldn't be surprised if it broke down. I mean honestly, the last time they probably fixed this thing was three ages ago. No matter, I'll just note that after all, I am assistant manager now. The guard is at his desk like usual though something's different about him. I casually walk by him and look at his hands. Odd, I could have sworn the last time it was only his finger tips.

" You should probably get that checked by the doctor." I add arching an eyebrow, I hope he isn't too sick he's the best guard we've ever had, and he is in no way one of those grunts you see down at the bar.

All he does is shake his head slightly, his curly grey hair bouncing slightly on his shoulders. That's another quality of his that makes him so likeable. His hair gives him an air of friendliness that calms you down even when the world is crumbling around you. He's always been like a second father to me, even if I've only met him when I started this job two years ago. He'd always ask me how my day was going, and show a look of concern when I looked sad. This one time he talked with me for hours on how things work around here when he knew I hadn't gotten anything from the boss himself. Lord bless his soul, he's a saint.

" It's not me ye should be worrying about, be careful lad. In there be something that's been waiting to get out, it's gotten me and it's only a matter of time before ye learn the truth. Best be prepared, lest you wanna end up like this old soul." His voice is slightly off but the smile is still on his face. It scares me though, because I can see his hands twitch and his eyes sparkle, I can feel it.

Finally I nod him off then head to my usual desk, getting ready to type the night away until the morning sun rises. In the distance I hear the steady drip of  a leaky faucet, I'll have to have the custodian check that out in the morning. Can't have a leaky faucet annoying all the employee's.

My first line of duty is now to check over resume's, I glance at one which strikes me as odd. The name is unreadable but I shrug it off hoping to find it inside, to my knowledge this person is highly skilled in piecing together documents, and filing. We're in need of another one around here, perhaps a secretary. Yes, a secretary that's what it should be. Look at me, calling a person it , how rude of me. The file now sits on the top of a stack of papers and I turn on my screen just to see if my wife is on MSN. It's nothing compared to Facebook, but I don't really have the privilege to go on it during work hours. Then again, who would notice? Still the rules of my work are glued to my memory and I just can't bring myself to break them.

She's not on, I'd assume she's either sleeping or gone to work early. Her boss is a nice young woman. I'm surprised she's even capable of running a law firm, but she's proven talented. I've seen some of her employees, they're hard working and are able to make big cases out of small things. Perhaps I could have her run over this place and its small cramped spaces. For the fellow workers, of course, I'm in no position to be complaining I have already gotten more then I can handle. I really only need a third of this room.

The End

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