Day 3Mature

In retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a grand idea to stay over hours. Getting home was easy, the hard part was waking up  hour after I had just gotten some sleep. I slid out of bed pondering the thought that maybe I could just call in sick, that is until my pride got the better of me. Never in my life have I called in sick for work, and I wasn't about to start today. I grabbed some left over bagels in the fridge and made some minute made coffee. It was an odd drive back and I had the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder, but I'm sure it was just my imagination. In less then a few minutes the office building came into view, breaking the beautiful sunrise with it's dark and rusted outer walls.

" Hello Mr. Revack, Bob was telling me of how you worked the night shift last night. I suppose you must be tired, and so I have a proposition for you." My boss smiles down at me, his hands shaking lightly and I smile back. I try not to focus on the reflection of the ceiling on his head, but it's just so shiny. Quickly though he starts up again. "I shall allow you to become manager as long as you work only night shifts. No more waking up early in the morning. Just come in at 11:00 pm and stay until 6:00. " He pauses for a moment to add in a reassuring smile. " I assure you it's nothing to worry about, in fact you can even go home early today. Right now if you wish! So, do we have a deal?" I can see the worry in his eyes, he was hiding something. Something that supposedly should be hidden.

" Well, I'm not sure. You see my wife will have to agree." I stare back at him feeling a little shaken up. For what reason do I have to be scared?

" I always hear around the office how you complain that,  The Tub of Lard keeps you from getting home to your wife. " His happy go lucky smile turns into a straight line while his eyes narrow slightly. I could have sworn there was steam rising from my head.

"S-Sir I'm sorry I-I don't know-"

He cuts me off and pats my back as if I had just hit my first baseball. He also gave a nice hardy laugh before continuing. " Nothing to worry about my boy, I know myself that I need to lose a few pounds, my wife tells me everyday. And about your wife, well then just go home right now and call us with the answer.

It's so calming to hear him say that and I just stare, who could argue with an offer as great as this? No one in the right mind, that's who. My body seizes a mind of it's own and nods for me, my mind seems to be somewhere else, though I don't know where of course. So here I am back in my car on the way home. When I walk through the door I am immediately scolded for skipping on what pays the bills. It takes her a while before she completely understands the situation. Once she does, she's all smiles, but I knew she too, was hiding something from me. I can see it in her eyes, that same look of worry, though hers was much more profound and with a slight dab of confusion.

" I'm so proud of you, please be careful. You see, I cannot bear a child to whom the father is missing." She smiles half-heartedly and rubs a hand over her abdomen lovingly. I couldn't believe it I'm going to be a dad! My life just keeps getting better, oh jeez. I hope I didn't jinx it.

The End

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