Day 2Mature

I wake up to find drool all over the papers. Thankfully, they're only blank sheets and not all that important. I wonder how long I have slept, seems like just a few minutes. I slide my hand over the barrage of pencils, which I had probably knocked over during my slumber.

I looked over at the computer screen blinking several times. The light from it burned my eyes and it took a while for me to adjust, but after I did I looked at the bottom right corner where the time was situated, 2:35.  Impossible, I was only out for a matter of minutes. Then again, I could be delusional and just trying to make myself feel less like a slob. My feet were all prickly, they must have fallen asleep. The air is dry and so is my mouth. I look outside but I can't see a thing even the street lights are barely visible. Must be foggy outside, I glance back at the desk realizing I still have a bit of papers to finish. This is a good time to get some coffee, and so my legs lift me off of my chair and over to the lounge.

It's empty also, as it should be it's 2:39 but still something in the room feels off. The coffee machine is the only thing that seems to make noise in here, even the lights are silent. I look up to stare at the few dead bugs in the light panels, poor bastards, all they wanted was some warmth and too escape this wretched silence. Honestly, I felt like I was being smothered, and believe me it was not a good feeling. Almost like being choked, or having the air squeezed out of your lungs. All this by a black blanket, I think I can feel the darkness. Or maybe all this lack of sleep is getting to me.

The coffee spilled itself into the foam cup and steam rushed to escape it. I smile at it as if it was water from the fountain of youth. This would be able to restrain for at least another hour. At which time I will be done and will just pour myself another cup for the road, then I will finally be able to retire to my nice warm bed. Thump.  A cold chill runs down my spine,  I feel watched. Being a fan of horror movies I don't look behind me and wait to see what ever it is staring at me, even if it is just my imagination. I turn clenching onto the cup of coffee in my hand and casually walk back to my desk.

I look over at the guard who was looking around frantically before checking for something under his desk. He then relaxed his shoulders and began to bob his head to the beat once more. I wonder what he was so excited about, perhaps he had almost forgotten the keys to lock up? No, of course not doesn't he work the whole night shift. So he would have no need to lock up if he knew the other officer would be here first thing in the morning. Then what was he so afraid of?

Two more hours had passed and it is now a quarter to 5:00. Finally, the work has been dealt with and I can leave, retreat to the loving arms of my wife. If she is not asleep by now that is. What on earth am I thinking of course she is, and it isn't until then that I realize I have a full day of work tomorrow. I hope that Bob has finished whatever he had needed to finish. Though honestly, I didn't mind being here too much. It was nice and peaceful enough and I didn't have to listen to the bickering and gossip of my fellow co-workers. Especially that know-it-all Johnson of Braksit. We here at the office, well the few that don't fawn over him like lost puppies looking for an owner, like to call him Johnson of the dip shits. Just to be nice, see he's special, or so he tells us, so we gave him a special name to fit his personality.

I packed everything up neatly in it's case and still fidgeted with that damn buckle. Finally, I gave up and just walked towards the exit and stopped by the guard. Sheepishly I placed my case on his desk and cleared my throat. He pulled his headphones out of his ear and raised an eyebrow confused, he must have thought I was crazy. So I showed him how I tried to buckle it and then smiled again.

He nodded in understanding then grabbed the buckle easily snapping and locking it into place. Maybe, just maybe, that buckle really did hate me, no matter it was fixed now. I catch something out of the corner of my eye, and I noticed the black tinge on the end of each of his finger tips. I also noticed how when he was fixing my case his hands were shaking slightly.

The End

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