Just another week at work?Mature

'Just another week at work?' is a story of a man who leads you on a day to day bases of his nightmarish job as an average business man. Though this time he decides to take the night shift that everyone dreads. Wonder why? Could it be the humming of the opening of the elevator door when there's no one inside. Or the loud crash that seems to follow. Or maybe it's the fact that it always happens around the same time.

Day 1.

The piles have really stacked up on my desk. I had just got finished ridding myself of the last of it when that no good son of a... I mean my employer, decided to place some more of his paper in front of me. He claims he was 'going on vacation' and that he could not finish this in time, even though it was due two days from now. It seems to me like he goes on vacation twice a week. I'd like to see what he deals with.

My wife phones to check on me to see if I'll be coming home on time tonight, she already knows the answer though. Ever since I got this job it's been nothing but chugging coffee and tapping my fingers on the keyboard until they bleed, and to prove it the keys are all worn out. Surprisingly though I always seem to finish before dark, and arrive home just before the sun sets.

I'm shoving the last of that damned stack into my briefcase when I notice my co-worker, Bob, standing in front of me. Trying to avoid an awkward situation I quickly dart my head straight up to make eye contact. Which was quite difficult considering his junk, was a little too excited. He was probably on one of those sites again. I'm surprised he's not fired yet, but despite the fact that he's a bit of  a perv he's a nice chap. Friendly, and un-seemingly wise for his young age. He was 22 and just starting out his career here, while I was a not so youthful 42. Almost twice his age.

" Hey Mark. " He scratches the back of his head nervously smiling the best he could.

"No I will not give it a rub to make you feel better." I stated simply, giving him an evil eye. He of course chuckles at this and waves his hands defensively.

" Woah, I didn't know papa bear was in the building, I should have brought my anti-bear suit."

I sigh slightly, he  hides it so well but I know I must have nudged him the wrong way, I can see that tiny glint of hurt in his eyes. " I'm sorry Bob. It's just, I just got done with all the work and that tub of lard dumps this on me. I honestly thought I was gonna get home on time today. Serves me right for getting my hopes up."

"It's alright, I know it's been a rough week. So I have something that might cheer you up, or make you even more pissed off. " He grabs a chair near by and rolls it in front of me, leaning his elbows on the back of it as if he were some high-schooler talking  to his girlfriend. My head nods in curiosity to signify that I'm listening, though my hands are still trying to shut this god forsaken case.

" Well, if you want to finish that new stack tonight and not have to worry about it tomorrow, then you could stay over time. Besides I was supposed to take the night shift but something came up back home. My niece caught sick or something. " He says this with a bit of uncertainty in his voice, but I over look it. Maybe he was just planning something special that night.

" Sure, I'll take your shift. " This blasted buckle, what on earth is wrong with it? Figures it wouldn't work, I bought it at a yard sale. ' Never been used. ' He says. Right, of course that's why half the leather was torn off on one side and the buckle was still showing rust through the gold plated patches. Though I guess it's partially my fault for not checking the case in the first place. Bob lifts himself over the chair cautiously and then grabs onto the little spawn of Satan and easily managed to clip it down.

"There ya go bud, thanks alot you don't know how much this means to me. I'll be sure to tell the boss of what you did, you'll be getting a promotion for sure. " In a blink of an eye he's out the door and walking towards the elevator. I set my pouch down and begin working on the boss' work. Lazy carn, he should do this by himself. I mean honestly though if he doesn't like it what honestly makes him think I do, of course I'm talking about my boss.

I look around the large room and between the rows of walls which separate desk from desk. Empty. Not a soul in sight, well no one except for the security guard sitting at his spot out in the hall. The computer is turned on and he has headphones in his ears. He was kind, but easily angered. He bobs his head every few seconds to the beat  then stops looking around. It's 11:59 and my visions getting blurry but I ignore it. For some odd reason I can't wait to say tomorrow. Well I have a few more moments until then. Maybe.. I'll doze off just a bit. After all I have nothing to worry about. My head slides onto the desk and my arms act as a shield. I can't wait.. until tomorrow.

The End

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