One thousand two hundred and forty-six...This darkness? how long has it been?...One thousand two hundred and forty-seven...Too long, far too long...One thousand two hundred and forty-eight...Caged, imprisoned for eternity until...One thousand two hundred and forty-nine...KAL!!...One thousand two hundred and...


The Winter of 1998, deep in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania...

...A single van made its way up the road towards the small town. The driver, Roland - a reporter - stopped the van and read the Welcome Sign.

[Welcome!! Hometown of the "Vampire" Legend].

He smiled and continued driving deeper into town. "It looks as thought the people have left." His daughter commented. She sat beside him on the passenger seat. "What the hell happened here, dad?"

Roland grabbed the newspaper from the glove compartment and handed it to her. Remi scanned through the article, reading bits and pieces, here and there, and understanding. "So the people abandoned their homes because of animal attacks? Sounds a bit far-fetched, don't you think?"

Roland shook his head. "If you read carefully, you'll find that no one has seen the actual animal yet. All they found were the victims. Mutilated bodies dried of blood. Who knows, maybe there really is a vampire here. Either way, I'm a reporter, and I believe there's a much bigger story hidden somewhere in here. Waiting for me to tell it to the world."

"Because a gypsy lady told two days ago in a carnival?"

"No!" He looked at her for a moment. "...Maybe."

Like her father, Remi had a passion for journalism. But unlike him, she was more of a realist when it came to writing. "Reporters chase stories dad, not ghosts."

"There's something here, Remi." He said, bringing the van around and parking. He looked out the window and stared up at the stars. "I can feel it."

"And did we really have to drive all the way here at night?"

"Vampires come out at night."

"If you believe in such things." Remi said. "Which I don't."

"Just grab the flashlight and the camera and lets go."

"Fine. I just hope I didn't waste my winter vacation and hanging out with friends for this."

Roland grabbed his daughter by the shoulder and gently turned her around. "You didn't." He kissed her on the forehead. "And thank you for coming."

"Yeah... No problem." After her mother died, Remi had started appreciate the things her father did for her. "Let's go check if Lady Ortis was right."

Roland smiled. "Right."

The End

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