Just Another Story About Writer's Block

The title says it all. This is just a little ditty to get my writing juices flowing again...


There was nothing there.

An empty hole that seemed to tease him with a tangent, an idea, a base, and then pulled it back at the last second, showing him how futile and stupid and idiotic and boring that tangent, idea, base was.

In other words, nothing.

He picked up his head from his keyboard, pulling his hair back from his forehead with one hand as he did so. There were deep indentations in his skin from the keys that he had been pounding his head against for the past month. In all that time, nothing had grown and flourished except the content of the recycle bin, full of test documents cointaining opening paragraphs, plot points, and shallow characters. On top of it all, his computer started freezing whenever he opened up the Internet!

The would-be author stood up from his desk and let out an exasperated sigh, letting his hair fall back to its original state. What could possibly help him out of this mess. He had deadlines to meet and bills to pay! He had no time for this stupid brain blockage!

Seeing nothing better to do than get another cup of coffee with two sugars and half a bottle of creamer in it, the author set out for the kitchen...

The End

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