Beginnings; Part 2.


The clash of blades, the crimson of blood, dripping to the floor as the enemies dance dangerous circles, the elegance of the action, the precision of their attacks, the ending of ones life, the beginning of another.


'Get up' The voice echoed a second time. The figure glided effortlessly towards Cameron, it was as if it was using the darkness around it to help it move.. It was eerily familiar.

Cameron looked towards the figure, narrowing his eyes, trying to see a face between the darkness, his natural instinct of "flight or fight" kicked in, his body automatically standing, facing the unknown, when he spoke, his voice was unusually powerful.. "What do you want?" He stood his ground as the figure came closer, moving to directly infront of him, he couldn't sense anything, as if it was.. non-existant. He shook his head, he must be dreaming.. it's the only explaination.

"You" the figure said, coming back just as strongly, he swore he could see a glint of pure evil in the figures eyes, if it had any.. it was formless, but it must have eyes.. otherwise it couldn't see him.. he saw it reach out towards him, thin tendrils like fingers going for his arm, to grab onto him, he automatically dodged it. "Why do you want me..?"

"Because you are chosen"

"Chosen for what?!" A hint of anger rising in his voice. The figure reached out again, this time, towards his legs, he jumped back, hitting the wall hard with his back, the adrenaline rush stopping him feeling the pain.


A hundred times more will I toss and turn while dreaming, a thousand times more will i sing softly to my soul, a million times more will i cry and hurt, an infinite number of times will i breath this air, forever more I will suffer in pain.


The End

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