Cameron Gennadius, an ordinary high school boy, deep brown eyes with a certain depth behind them, couldn't care less about school, he preferred to learn in his own time, away from teachers, students and the stuffy, dull classrooms.


Hidden dangers lie in wait, unseeing eyes scan over them, just an ordinary day, but an extraordinary boy, what could he do, but wait his turn.


Cameron stepped over the threshold of the hardly used local library, it's huge structure looming over the streets that surround it. You could tell hardly anybody came here, it was silent as soon as the wooden doors swung shut behind you, you felt safe, relaxed, no one could harm you while you pick up a book and drop into the comfy chairs.

The words swam around in his head, taking it in bit by bit as his eyes scan over the crumpled pages of a rather large leather-bound volume titled "Unseeing Eyes". He had read about 30 pages before his eyes had began to droop shut from a lack of sleep the previous night, his body began to relax, his heart beat slowing and his brain beginning to shut down the useless bodily functions, he slipped down the chair as he fell into a deep sleep.

He felt different, almost too relaxed. His eyes scanned naturally over his surroundings, his brain taking them in and processing. He felt hot then cold, then finally going to warm, as if his body was automatically adjusting to the climate. He began to walk forwards, the ground crunching beneath his feet, a vast landscape lay infront of him, mountains, grass, trees.. He recognised the scene laid out infront of him, it was a dream he has dreamt  many times, yet.. it felt, different, almost.. dangerous, but there was nothing around to threaten him, he continued forwards.

Cameron woke with a start, his body feeling weak from sleep, he pushed himself up and looked to the nearest clock, it was time to go.


The ringing of bells, the hidden of the night, the creatures of dark, they swarm you, engulf you, using your fears and weaknesses against you, you're hopeless in these streets, the maze of alleyways, of roads and walls, the names of people, the endless orchestra of sounds, mingling together to create a peaceful melody, changing and evolving with each and every day, becoming more harsh, those narrow streets becoming smaller and smaller, until you're stuck in that labyrinth of memories.


The End

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