Just Another Character Observation.

If you know me, you can guess who this is. If not, just know that it's one of my friends and the music I'm listening to reminds me of him, hence the upcoming character thing.

     Brown hair that is rarely tamed by pomade,

Currently cut short and thrown to the wind,

     Or maybe his lucky hat.

     He holds himself just high enough to see over his obstacles,

But not yet high enough to jump over them-

     Using his dream as means to project his face to the world,

One screen at a time.

     Hardworking, even though life is rough,

Strong, even when pushed back.

     People recognize the passion he puts into each page,

Each line of dialogue,

     Every sentence is an attempt to make a break in the world.

     You see him, casually leaning or

Possibly acting like a fool,

    (Because we all know that he is),

And the only thought you have would be

     "He's going somewhere."

     I've always admired perseverance, 

The ability to keep a smile and a cool head when things get difficult.

     He's taught me that pushing forward is always possible,

Even in the darkest light.

     Dreams can be achieved, 

No matter what.

     And that's a beautiful thing.

     Truly beautiful.


The End

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