Just An Ordinary House, and Just an Ordinary ManMature

The first original creepy pasta that I have written. This is actually based on true events that happened on the 23rd of August 2014. Well the start is anyway. I really did find an abandoned house with my friends, Tyler and Kimberley.
About our encounters with an ordinary man and an ordinary house.


I’ve never really been a superstitious person; I generally go off of common knowledge. I don’t freak out and yell “ghost!” when I hear something fall or the door close unexpectedly.

That was, of course, until that day. The 23rd of August, 2014.

So the story is, it was a Saturday and I was lying around watching “How I Met Your Mother” all day long because I started work at 5:15 PM that same day; I was so bored that day. It was around 2 PM that I got a text from my best buddy, Tyler. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk up to KFC with him and his girlfriend, Kimberley. So, anyway, I, being incredibly bored, said I’d go.

At around 2:30, they arrived at my house and that’s when we started walking. We were the kind of group that can talk about pretty much anything, and be completely open about it all; so I guess you could say we were all pretty close. Anyway, we headed towards the local KFC while having one of our interesting conversations, and when we got there I just sat at the table not eating (I was already full) and making a bunch of corny jokes at the two; mainly sexual innuendos because that is the kind of person I am. 

After they finished eating, we weren’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to go home, but they wanted to come over mine. “There’s nothing to do at my place, though.” I said. After about a five minute conversation, Tyler suggested we take a walk around the town, so Kim and I followed him; not really knowing where we were going. After about another fifteen minutes, so it was roughly ten-to-three or something. I don’t know. I excessively checked my phone because I was a tad nervous and that’s what I do when I’m nervous, but I still can’t remember the time. There was just too much to remember from that day. Anyway, we browsed the video store for a few minutes and decided to head back.

Now, if it wasn’t for what Kim said here, that day would have gone a completely different way. We usually walk in a line, but she dropped behind, which is when Tyler and I turned around.

“I wanna see what’s down there.” Kim said, looking down an alleyway between two abandoned buildings. Now, as a side note, I grew up in this town and lived here my ENTIRE life, and I still never freaking noticed that alleyway. I am a bit afraid of justice, so I said, “Urgh. Why do we have to go down there? Can’t we just keep—“

“Come on, Brody! Just come see what’s down here!” said Tyler. He was usually the most daring and adventurous out of the three, while I was the worried, nervous, scared-of-justice person. Kim kind of went with the flow I suppose. At the end of the alley was the back of the building. The strangest thing is the front of the building was a shop, while the back appeared as an abandoned house full of cobwebs and porn magazines. There was one of those outside toilets in the little huts that Americans call “outhouses” too, which is creepy as hell. The grass was very long so I worried about snakes. Tyler pointed out the broken window and began to scale the side of the building to climb in.

“Tyler, get down! Don’t go in there, man. It looks like it has been abandoned for a million years”, I said. But of course, he’s stubborn. The only thing he had to tell us was that there were the aforementioned porn magazines. I watched Tyler’s last foot enter the window. “My god he’s an idiot” I said to Kim. At this point I wasn’t worried for Tyler because I didn’t believe that there would be anything in that house. It was just me and Kim out in the backyard.

I wasn’t worried about him, but I was worried about someone I know seeing me there, so I kept calling out to Tyler even though I couldn’t see him.

“My god, he is such a negative influence on me.”

Kim looks at me, and wraps her arm over my shoulders, looks at me (no idea why) and starts telling me about their other crazy adventures together. Jokingly, I said to her, “What happens if he dies in there?”

“Then you get to be my boyfriend,” she said, extending the joke. I put my hand on her back, influenced her in the direction of the exit and said, “Sweet! Let’s go, then.” We chuckled, then we heard a window breaking; it was loud enough to scare us, but luckily the locals didn’t hear it and call the cops on us.

“Tyler!” I called, “It’s not funny. Get out of there and let’s go.” He didn’t respond, so Kim tried calling him, only for it to ring out. Another window broke. “Fuck me! This kid! Why did you have to point this out to us?” I said; rather angrily but jokingly; that’s when I called him. Only this time, I was put through voicemail instantly instead of it ringing out.

“I’m gonna see if he’s okay,” Kim said. I grabbed her by the shoulder and said, “No. Please, please stay here. It’s creepy out here and I don’t want to be by myself.” She began to climb through the window, but peering into there; she almost instantly fell back after looking in there and squealed. I rushed to see if she was okay. A third and final window smashed.

“Kim,” I said, “This place is fucking scary, but we have to find Tyler.”

That may have been the stupidest thing I said all day. I helped Kim to climb through, then myself afterwards. Once again she fell back. “What, what is it?” She pointed at nothing, but told me it was the same figure she saw when she peered into the window.

“Relax. It’s probably just Tyler pulling some joke.” Although even I was doubting that by this point. We began navigating the house, but with no sign of him. This was the creepiest place I had ever seen; it was covered, COVERED, in cobwebs, old clown masks, and what looked to be Picasso’s demonic counterpart’s paintings on the wall. Kim and I stuck together. It was at that point we saw a pale-faced Tyler run out of an adjacent room and collapse. We helped him up.

“Tyler! Why the hell didn’t you come out when we were calling out—“Because,” he interrupted, “that guy!” He pointed into the dark room at a mysterious man dressed completely in black; black jacket, black long pants. He just stared at us; not saying a single word. We all began to back up slowly, then ended up sprinting. We heard loud footsteps thudding merely centimetres behind us. We all dived out the window which we came through. Tyler first, then Kim, then me. We ran back down the alley and back to the streets, in front of the building we were just at which appeared to be a regular retail store.

However, it took Kim and me about twenty seconds to realise Tyler didn’t follow us to the streets. We were pretty much on the verge of hysterics by this point. The police arrived about ten minutes later.

The police were asking us all about it. Kim was practically in strife, and Tyler still wasn’t around. Luckily I managed to force myself to talk.

“What did he look like? Do you remember?”

I explained the black attire.

“Do you remember his features?”

“Yes. Yes! Yes, he had moderately long brown hair, a big scar down the right side of his face, with the other side being mostly covered by hair. His nose was also rather flat. And he was Caucasian.”

A look of distress passed all of the police man. At this point, Kim was only doubly worried. I gave Kim a hug; told her it was going to be okay. She seemed to have calmed down a bit. I then turned to Tyler and said, “She’ll be fine,” which didn’t yield a response.

The main police officer said, “Thank you for reporting this man. I hate to tell you this, but this man is known to hide in dark areas that young teens are most likely to explore. He has fourteen counts of stalking, twenty-two counts of pre-murder rape, and thirty-five counts of murder. He is known to stalk everybody who sees or hears him, and plans his brutal murder within the next four to ten days. Until then he just stalks his victims. But when he strikes, it always ends up with the victim being completely and utterly butchered. If they are female they generally get raped before they get their organs devoured.”

The police found nobody.

Anyway, it was Wednesday two days ago, and I haven’t heard off of Tyler since Monday. I sent him a text asking how he and Kim were doing. He replied, “Death.” I assumed it was another one of his tricks.

Today, Friday, I received my last text from Kim at 3:30 in the morning. She said “Nah, I haven’t heard from Tyler either. I personally reckon Tyler planned that whole thing for an early Halloween present, don’t ya think? ;P “ But then I realised… Tyler wasn’t with us at the start of the police investigation… Yet I said to him, “She’ll be fine”. Nobody asked why he got out so late? How wasn’t he dead? How didn’t I realise?!


EDIT: It’s Sunday. It’s been eight days since the incident. I think there may be something in the house. I keep hearing things in the house moving. I went out to the kitchen to make some breakfast since I woke up home alone. The family must have been out. The TV turned on by itself and started playing death metal music. I turned around swiftly to have a look and turned the TV off. I turned the TV back on but put it onto the comedy channel to have my bacon and eggs. Then the bath started running.

Now I am hiding in my room, hoping to post this.

But there is still one question. Something weird happened when the TV turned on…


What was that I caught a glimpse of in the periphery of my eye?



The End

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