Just a Typical Teenage Love Story

Jasmine is your typical smart and talented girl in love with the typical smart and talented boy. That is, until she encounters his not so typical twin brother.

My footsteps echoed through the empty halls of my school. It was already 3:30 in the afternoon, and the buses left at 3:15 sharp. I fumbled a little with my huge portfolio that I had decided to take with me during the Thanksgiving break. Seriously, one would think I already had enough with all of my AP homework, and deciding to work on my drawings for my advanced art class was probably not the brightest idea I could have, but then again, what else was there to do? Oh, yes, I forgot. A three paged essay on The Scarlett Letter. How lovely.

Just in case you don't quite understand sarcasm, that last sentence was dripping with it. No. That would be an understatement. It was, if I could extend my vocabulary enough to describe it, vomiting vile sarcasm right at your, and my very own feet, which were still walking towards my locker if I don't forget to add. I shouldn't be the one to snap at anyone at the moment, seeing as I brought it on myself, but give me a break. I am stressed beyond breaking and the fact that I have to walk up two flights of stairs to get to my locker wasn't of much help, either.

Finally reaching the end of the stairwell, I clutched my portfolio even tighter between my charcoaled hands, and I made my way to the finish line. Charcoal, as I found out rather inconveniently, lessens the friction between my fingers and the so-said portfolio, causing a rather annoying occurrence. What might it be you ask? It was the rather uneventful fall of it from my very firm grip, to the ground, and across the hallway. Across the hallway because my art work had decided to explore farther out than the two thick sheets of paper that concealed them from the world most of the time, and were all now laying on the ground in partial celebration.

"Just peachy..." I muttered at no one in particular, unless you count the artwork being displayed across the tiled floor. What surprised me, though, was encountering another set of hands picking up the mess that had been created besides my own.

"Seems like someone's having a bad day."

My eyes followed the hands to their owner's face, which was smiling at me with polite humor. How is that even possible?

"It's not the day, just this very same minute." I tried to look away as to not make eye contact with my current savior, but seeing as I wasn't having the best luck at making things work my way at the instant, I crashed directly into two deep orbs of blue. I felt my breath catch in my throat and my hands form into tight fists around my pieces of art work, almost ruining them. Why did he always have this effect on me?

I finally broke away, with much work, and finished piling up my papers right by the cause of all this trouble. If that portfolio could see my glare, it would have probably died on the spot.

"I don't think that glaring at inanimate objects will make your minute any better."

I turned back to be trapped again by those blue eyes, but thankfully I was ready for them. What I wasn't ready for, though, was the bright smile that rested on his lips. It was, literally, melting my insides into a pool of goo.

If you knew who I was talking about you would understand me. He was not only the man who captivated me with his every move, but also, the captain of the boys swim team, and one of the smartest guys in the whole school. It didn't help that he was exceedingly handsome, either. His sandy blonde hair reflected some of the light that the artificial bulbs gave out, and his skin was the perfect shade of bronzed white, which makes no sense at all. Just picture a glowing angel and you'll get what I mean.

Yes, I am that in love with him.

"First of all, Adam, shouldn't you be at practice right now?" I tried to say without making a complete fool of myself.



"Since we had a really tough meet yesterday, the coach gave us a day to relax."

There goes his killer smile again. It would be more humane to just shoot me on the spot.

"Well, that's..." I felt my mind go haywire when he lifted one of his perfectly arched eyebrows in anticipation. Well, that certainly took my words away. So instead I decided to change the subject. That way I might just make myself seem normal around his angelicness.

"Second of all..."

"Oh boy! There's more to it!" I whacked him across the arm with one of my watercolor paintings and he fake-yelped in response. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed at being teased by him.

"Second of all! Thanks for helping me out here." I finished with a smile.

"You're welcomed!"

All of my work was already back inside the portfolio, much to its dismay, and I started making my way to my locker again. It's not healthy being around Adam for that long, especially if he makes your legs shaky when ever he talks to you. But I forgot about my bad luck streak of the moment, because right before I could put my foot down to take my next step, he grabbed my portfolio between his hands, and started walking besides me.

"It's okay. I can carry it myself."

"Sure, sure. Just let me be a gentleman for the school's security camera system then, 'kay?"

How could I say no to him?

The End

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