Just A Ticket

This a short christian contemporary piece that is a testimony to all who likened to the Apostle Paul of Old have encountered the mercy of God in changing the course of their destiny. Just a ticket symbolises one's decision to willingly accept a ticket bound for eternity with God...

I had one ticket,

To a place where demons stay,

Where flowers never blossom,

Grounds soiled with eternal tears,


Eternal cries would have been,

My billboard top song,

Ranked daily in my heart,


But as I headed for the escalator,

That would have led me,

To my destined flight came quickly,

One running at a speed of light one,

Suggesting a better flight,


Speaking so deeply his heart to me,

A flight that would take me to a place,

Where angels sang,

Where flowers bloom and,

Heavens rain forth His glory,

Where true joy and peace is felt,

Rejoice eternally praises unto God.

The End

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