Just A Little Distracted

Celestia is already failing Geometry to be tutored by the boy of her dreams, but soon another guy comes along and she begins having trouble with English class, too!


Curly, blond hair. Pale, blue eyes. Straight, white teeth. A perfect smile and hearty laugh.

I'm in the middle of a ''rigorous'' tutor session, but I'm not paying attention to the geometry. 

"...and then in the Statement column you would write 'the measure of angle APQ plus the measure of angle zx equals 180 degrees... Celeste? Celestia are you following?"

"Oh um... yeah. I just got distracted. Could you repeat step 22 again? I didn't quite understand it."

Then I turn to my right.

Brown hair and green, intelligent eyes, but he's into literature, not geometry.

"I, uh, have to be somewhere right now," I  say to my tutor. "I think I'm starting to get geometry so I don't think I'll be needing your help much longer. Thanks for the tutor session." Before I leave, I glance back at the very attractive guy.

Time to start failing English, too! 


The End

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