Just A Few Things


I rounded a corner, feeling a bit nervous.
Something was going to happen today. I just knew it. I don't know how, but for some reason I was good at predicting things. Maybe this was why I was so obsessed over my future, because I was good at telling what was going to happen next. That's why, to me, people are so predictable and boring.

But either way, as I walked around the corner to the hallway that led to my locker, I avoided everyone's gaze, only looking at the floor, counting the steps that would take me to my locker. One, two, three.... Seven steps. I stopped, and without catching anyone's eye, I did the combination to my locker.

My best friend Emma bounded up to me in her normal, always--and sometimes annoyingly--happy way.
"Hi, Claire," she said in a high-pitched soprano voice.
"Hello," I said distractedly. Emma started rambling about a party that some popular girl was throwing that weekend, but I tuned her out. I looked down the hall to my right, having the feeling that someone was watching me. A boy named Sam, whom I'd known all my life, caught my eye and then quickly looked away, blushing a violent shade of magenta all the way to the base of his throat.
I stifled a giggle. Sam was part of the popular group at school, the kind of guy that every girl talks about. He's tall, cool, cute, smart, ect., ect.

"Claire," said Emma, waving a hand in front of my eyes. When I didn't answer her, she snapped her fingers under my nose.
I blinked in surprise. "Oh, yeah. Er--what were you saying? I didn't hear you."
"I was saying--" But she never finished her sentence. Just then, an Appointer walked around the corner.

Appointers are people who Choose who are worthy of magic powers and who aren't. A few years ago, a boy named Max had been Chosen. He had to leave school and get the Magic Nations in twenty-four hours, or he could've died. If fact, I think that he did because his parents were too terrified and stupid to give him up.

But anyway, an Appointer walked around the corner. He was tall, African American, with short black hair and brown eyes that flashed with humor, like this was all highly amusing. Time seemed to slow as he made took one step and then another. He paused. He looked only about eighteen, even though most Appointers were at least twenty. This guy had to be pretty talented to be here but nonetheless, every person in the room glared at him, like he was had a fatal disease and was purposely trying to spread it.

Everyone in the room seemed to be frozen, their next breath stuck in their throats. No one wanted to be Chosen.

The Appointer turned towards Sam, and smiled.
"This guy," said the Appointer happily, "This guy is special!" He took Sam's hand in both of his and shook it vigorously. "You're going to make things happen, man. The world's going to be a better place once you're finished with it."

Sam looked stunned. The Appointer freed his hand, took a step back and said in a strong, loud, confident voice, "The True Leader has Chosen you, Sam Gray. You shall begin your long and challenging path as a Milite. Your heart is strong, and I know that the world will be a better place when you have finished your task."

There was a flash of blue light, and I was temporarily blinded. When the light faded away, Sam lay crumpled on the floor in a heap. He had passed out and his forehead seemed to be bleeding. His friend, Joey Simmons, ran to his side. He checked to see if he was still breathing. When he found that he was, he motioned for one of the football players to help him. They carried him off down the hall that the Appointer had come, probably to the nurse's office.

The Appointer turned around, a smile on his face. Then he saw me.

"Oh! Another one. You're very important too, missy. I can't tell you what's going to happen, but things are going to change around here. In fact, I won't remember any of this at all. But either way, you're an essential part to your coming mission."

Everyone in the hall had abandonned their hateful glaring for looks of surprise and curiosity. The Appointer cleared his throat and said, "Claire Hart. Your new future lies ahead of you. Your path will be difficult indeed, but you will not be alone. The good people of your new nation, the Venatores, will stand behind you."

There was a flash of red light. There was a painful sensation in my heart, but I was not sure that it was caused by the Appointer Choosing me. My legs couldn't support my body anymore. I fell forward, and passed out.


I dreamed of a battle. It was a terrible battle. People were dying left and right, there were screams of terror and agony, loud battlecries and multi-colored flashes of light. Blood covered the ground. There were BOOMing noises, so I could only assume that there were bombs being set off. The sky behind the battle was a sickly gray-green. I wanted to shield my eyes but I couldn't move. Then, to the right, there was a large, green flash of light sent straight into the air, and everyone in the battle ceased their fighting to marvel at it as it rose into the sky. Even after it disappeared, people stood there, staring at the spot where it had vanished.

Subconsciously, I thought about what the Appointer had said about probably not remembering any of this. Maybe he meant that he wouldn't remember coming here and Choosing us. Or maybe he wouldn't remember us at all. Or maybe he wouldn't remember knowing that we were going to change something, whatever that meant...

The End

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