Just A Dream

A young girl named May Mercey has a bizarre dream about a Clinic that transforms people into what they call "perfect" by extracting certain "unperfect" parts out of their brains and putting a perfect serem in to replace it.

    Just A Dream

By: Nicole Mari Redfearn

It never fails, you always say that you have a horrid life and your parent says that it could always be worse. But trust me on this, you have never seen bad until you’re basically dead and looking down on your life, still going on in your head. You will never say you have a horrid life again unless you lived my life..........my name is May Mercey.

Chapter 1

“May! How on earth have you been? I have not seen you.” my friend Anna asked. I just happened to be down that day and Anna was perky and all. “So.....how are you this fine day?” “Fine isn’t the word for this day, Anna. It’s a bad, horrid, unbearable day.” “Well a simple not good would have worked just fine......but okay.” Sighing I say “I’m sorry Anna it’s been a terrible and mean morning. My dad has been a jerk to Mom and me, my dog got loose and I had to catch him and he bit me, and I was late for the bus-which splashed me with mud- and I had to run back to the house, change clothes and walk to school.” “Wow, May, that is a lot to deal with first thing in the morning. Well bell’s about to ring so later.” I walked off from my friend and left to my class, Physics. Sighing down the hallway-almost with every footstep- I come to a halt and turn robotic-style to a room: 232, Physics Class. I walked in and saw the worst possible girl in the world; Francine Shaun. She is a prep in every way possible from clothes to walk and talk. Although she has had no interest with me since I got back from my visit to the Clinic she still had to try to bug me. “Hey May, you are the most hideous freak of nature I have ever seen.” I turned to her and saw her face all smug and looking quite confident in herself. So I saw a perfect chance to spring a comeback. “Well if I’m a freak of nature, then Mother Nature sure did a heck of a job on your face didn’t she?” Francine didn’t respond she just huffed her breath and turned her precious little head. I felt quite pleased. “Are you okay May? You don’t look so good.” Ms. Hopten asked me. “I’m fine. Just a little drowsy.” “You were drowsy yesterday too you know.” “Yeah I know.” “And the day before that and before that.” “What are you trying to ask Ms. Hopten?” “What I’m asking is are you taking anything? You know, just because this isn’t like you.” “Absolutely not! You should know me better than that!” “May, I need to have a word with you......out in the hall.” Everyone’s “Ooooh’s” trailed out of the door with me. Ms. Hopten was worrying me. She had never asked me to come out in the hall before. “I am worried about you now May. You have never acted so down and out of it, not like this.” “I’m fine Ms. Hopten. Really.”She sighed and asked me something that shocked me so much that I gasped. “Could this have to do with the Clinic?”

Chapter 2

“No Ms. Hopten, not at all.” She narrowed her eyes and said “Well then I suppose you’re off the hook for now.”She and I walked back into the class and she started our assignment. The Clinic is like a place where the government has mental patients. They take you and make you take pills to mellow your attitude towards them. Most of the people there have a hard time cooperating with the wardens. I was scared to have to go there. I asked my mom why I had to go, but the response wasn’t making any sense what so ever. She told me: “Because you are special to me honey and we are going to make you even more special. It will be fine.” Can you say creepy or what? We pulled up to a hospital looking building and these men with black suits on came up to the car and took my arm. “Hey! That hurts! Mom can you tell them to let go? Ouch!” “Quiet you!” A man said in a hateful tone.I shut up fast. He tightened his grip and pulled me out of the car and into the building. “Mom! Mom where am I going? Hey, is she coming in with us? Mom!” “I said quiet!” the man shouted louder. “No! My mom needs to come in with me! Mom!”The man pulled out a bottle and nodded to the other man. The other gave him a needle and while the bottle was put in I was freaking out. “Mom please don’t let them take me! Mom! No!” But it was too late. My mom’s car was gone. She never said goodbye. “Mom?” I asked myself as the cold needle entered my skin slowly. Then, falling asleep, I began to cry. That was the last time I trusted my own mother.

Chapter 3

After I woke up, I was in a little room with a tiny bed and a nurse was in it. She looked at me in a way that said, “You’re safe.” It was a harmless look. I didn’t like it though. It reminded me of my mom before she got rid of me. The woman who gave her own daughter to an institute. An institute full of mental patients. I wondered how she could betray me like that. She never wanted me to be a “special girl” before. She told me I was special enough to her all the time. I know now that was a lie. Then I realized, she wanted me to become a perfect little prep like my enemy, Francine. I couldn’t speak to the nurse. She was still looking at me in that harmless look. I was freaked out by her. Then she finally spoke. It was a soothing voice but it had no effect on me. I was terrified in this building. I was not safe, and this nurse was far from harmless. She asked me, “Are you alright?” I responded scarcely, “Not really. My mother gave me away to this institute. I hate her. I know I am already special. I don’t need any help with it. I want to go home.” “I know it may seem that this is a bad thing, but it will help you. Help your mother, your teachers and everyone else. You’ll see. We will make you perfect.” “So what are you going to do to make me ‘perfect?’ I’m just sooo anxious to hear it.” I say as sarcastically as possible. “It’s simple, we do a brain surgery. We extract the certain parts of your brain that makes you not perfect and we put in a perfect serem. Easy.” “You do what?!?!?!” I asked frantically. I started to scream and back up towards the corner of the bed. The nurse grabbed my arm and told me to calm down. I almost slapped her across her pretty little face. Then I noticed that the black suited men were coming to the door.  I stopped and mellowed my attitude. The nurse looked pleased with herself. Like she was the one who did this. The men walked in the room. “It’s time for the extraction.” Looking at me he started to reach out and grab my arm again. “Please!” I begged him. “Please don’t do this. It’s inhumane! Stop! Mom please help!” “Shut it! You are a worthless punk right now and we are fixing that.” I dragged my feet against the floor, grabbed the walls and even kicked the guy once. “I will not let you do this to me!” “It’s already happening.” He said, smiling in an evil way. I gulped and tried to pull once more. I kicked and bit and clawed my way through it all. Nothing helped. Finally I was sitting in a chair and falling asleep. That was the last thing I remembered. Then it all started over again.

Chapter 4

I heard voices. I woke up to see my teacher. I was in class. “How? Where am I?” Ms. Hopten replied, “Don’t be falling asleep in my class miss Mercey. “Yes ma’am.” I said sitting my head up. “How did I get back here?” I asked myself out loud. Everyone in the room was looking at me. Even Ms. Hopten. Then in a snap, they all started class again. It was like it never happened. I wondered about it for the rest of the class. I wondered how it happened and if this was real. It was all so weird and scary. But as soon as class got out and the bell rang, I knew it was real because I could hear the voices, see the people, and feel the sun on my skin as I stepped out of the school. I knew that I was home and free. I knew that it was only just a dream.

Chapter 5

My mom picked me up in her car after school was out. She had a perky happy-go-lucky look on her face. She looked at me and asked, “Hello sweetie, how was your day?” “Good......but, weird.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I had this awful dream where you dropped me off at a mental clinic and there were these men in black suits and they tried to do this crazy operation on my brain to make me a perfect preppy girl. And you wanted it!” “That.......umm......that’s silly!” she responded nervously. She started the car and drove off. We drove for a long time until she pulled up to a little old building and into a parking lot. She stopped and said nothing as two men in black suits approached the car door on my side. “Mom.........who are they?” I asked nervously. “These nice men are going to make you perfect honey.” she told me in  scary psycho voice. One of the men knocked on the door and my mom opened it. “No Mom! They are gonna make me into a stupid preppy girl! Don’t let them!” But my mom didn’t listen she let them in and they pulled me out and took me into the hospital. I was taken to the room in my dream and given the operation. Now I’m perfect. Everyone loves me now. My mom,dad,teacher,and new friends. Everyone but me. For I am trapped in a perfect brain with a perfect body. And I only wish that this was all just a dream. THE END

The End

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