Just A Dream...Mature

Upon me awakening in beads of sweat to your gentle touch, I find myself being teased by your juicy lips on the back of my neck & behind my ears. Soon I realized we are on the beach where I had gone the night before to reminisce memories of you. My heart begins to flutter & beat faster from each touch of your hand running down my inner thighs. You begin a soft but torturous trail of unbelievable kisses that lead you to stop along the way.... You look at me with such intense emotion that my breath stops.  You then begin to tease my breasts as you cup them ever so perfectly.  It is at that moment; I am forced to surrender to this longing of passion that has been trapped within for many years since our last encounter... 

 As I find myself surrendering to be one with you, I press my body close to yours.  The warmth of your hard dick slowly glazes over my body & I begin to quiver with intense emotions of trapped lust & love for you. (My heart begins to beat faster as I share this dream)  The sky appears to part & it begins to rain.  Not your normal southern California rain but that of a tropical island heavy rain.  It begins to drench my low cut flowing sundress as it does your ever so sculpted, beautifully tanned body. We care not whether we escape Mother Nature and her tears of joy showering us.  We indeed find it to be an erotic turn on.  You pull me closer and whisper in my ear "I want you, give yourself to me.  Let me free that passion that has been a prisoner for far to long."  Like a flip of a switch, you begin to take what started as a gentle approach and transformed it into an all out sexual fantasy. It was apparent neither of us had ever truly been able to experience intimacy to its ultimate level.  So much passion & sexual rage has been trapped within us for to long.  Its as if we can hear the screams from within telling us to please release them. We did just that love... You took me by my arms & slowly but firmly turned my body so as my flesh would be forced against the rocks.  You then begin to slide your massive ever so towering cock into my ass.  Instantly, I let out a slightly discomforting moan as I can feel the intense, warm hardness of your dick.  You are entering into an area that has never really been treaded before.

This makes you become more aroused.  You briefly pause to make sure I am ok as you caress my cheek with your soft plump lips.  I turn to look over my shoulder and catch a glimpse of the sun’s own reflection upon your moist face as the rain trickles down your forehead to your lips.  I come closer and kiss you.  As I turn back around and grip these rocks you have pinned me against, I feel not discomfort but complete relaxation.  I begin to bite my lips and under my tense lips, I plea for you to go deeper inside me.  You start pounding my ass harder and deeper as the rain continues to follow the crease that’s running down to the small of my back.  The sound of my heart thumping and your rapid breathing makes all my past dreams of us worthwhile.  I am now in what would be called a “surreal moment.”  As I feel your breath on the back of my neck, my body begins to get cold chills but I am not cold.  My body is sizzling with intense but intimate passion as we take this experience to a whole new level. A level we were deprived of 15 years ago. 

We begin to grab each other’s bodies so tight that our overwhelming passion for each other peaks higher and higher. You pull me from the back of my hair and whip me around to begin caressing your moist, hot dick between the lips of my pussy.  Oh I think to myself you’re such a tease as you stroke back and forth watching me squirm for you to slide in already.  As I am finding it difficult to breathe from all this arousal, I softly and a little choked beg for you to take me down and fuck me like you never have before.  With such intensity in your eyes, I can read that you want to savor in the sweet moment for as long as you can.  The smell of a beautiful warm tropical rain against the pure bitter sweet smells of sex oozing from our bodies as you lay me down ever so gentle on the ground, makes me want to ride your nice, thick, firm dick like it has never been rode before.  I direct you to lie down as I slowly slide on top of you.  You then ever so carefully slide off my drenched sundress & expose the ivory skin of my body. Do I immediately begin to ride your dick?  No, as I want to take my pussy lips and my clit and slowly stroke your dick between them.  Knowing that it does not require a lot of effort to get my lips super wet. I can begin feeling my juices flowing down your long shaft. You want me to moan louder as you grab my breast and pull yourself up to kiss me. Back down you laid and I continue doing my best to please you.

Slowly back and forth I glide my lips so they caress your dick.  All the while, as I stroke your dick with my pussy lips, I can’t help but be mesmerized & captivated by your beautiful kind eyes.  It is at this moment, I feel myself beginning to see what lies beneath them.  You draw my face close to yours and with your breathe against my cheek, you run your tongue sensually across my lips, begin to nibble & suck on my lower lip.  You do just enough to arouse me more.  I can feel the pounding of your heart between my breasts.  I think to myself, yes all these years I have yearned for you to be near me again is finally here for the taking.  I now find myself at a moment when nothing else exists in my world but you and me and the unbelievable erotic sex/love in the making (whatever the hell you wish to call it).  I slowly rise up as you place your ever so manly but gentle hands on my hips to assist me in going faster then slower on your rock hard dick.  This is one particular touch I remember of yours that I will never be able to forget.

 I begin to moan softly then you turn and place me down on my back, grab my legs and slide your dick into my pussy as it has been quivering to be pounded until it can no longer be pounded.  Our flesh is slapping back and forth as we moan louder & louder.  With the roar of the thundercloud fast approaching, our moans far out drown any sound it is able to make.  You slow down and caress my foot, begin to suck on the tips of my toes then kiss my foot as you gently massage it.  All the while something is telling me this is to good to be true.  This has to be a dream.  I need to wake up but find difficulty to do so.  With my eyes closed, I say to myself savor this moment and enjoy the super hot fucking we are engaged in.  Sadly, I began to awake from my sensual & most pleasurable dream ever.  It seemed so real that it took me several minutes to realize... aaahhh it was only a dream. A dream that someday I look forward to happening if and when our paths meet. 

The End 

The End

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