Just a dream....Mature

It started with me playing video game where I played as a blue spinning ball. I proceeded to play and the world in which I was spinning was made of different colored spheres and each one had a different effect if I was to bounce on it some would shoot me forward further down the level and others would explode destroying all the surrounding spheres and making me fall to another level of the game I remember just playing this strange surreal game and not really knowing the point for there seemed to be millions of possible directions up sideways and down but then as I got further and further in to the games whimsical masses I noticed my friend ckryzse sitting next to me and that we where in the old trailer. He kept yelling at me no go that way no that is the wrong way no don't go through there and so on and I tried to do what he asked but never could find the paths he so wanted me to take for it was just a game and I was having fun. Then I ended up at this crudely drawn geraffi it was all sorts of colors and looked as if he was created by a child with crayons and upon his chest sat a sign that had the equally crude drawn word Home on it so I landed there and ckryzse began an uproar saying you are all the way back at the beginning now you have to start over. Well this felt feutile to me for I was having fun though not achieving the point of the game. So I got up and left. I found myself walking into my room where my sister was sitting looking at the painting of my mother I have been working on and this made me mad. I said get out get out of my room you are not allowed in here, and I commenced to push her out but she put up a struggle and just would not leave, so I put up the kiddy fence over the door and slammed it in her face. I started working on the painting when I noticed two women outside my partially open blinds. They seemed to be sisters, slightly twin sister one slightly more robust than the other but both blond and gray eyed. the more active one seemed to be determined to do something and the other just followed quietly smiling with her rather smart looking glasses. the active one caught a glance of me looking at her through my window and then proceeded to come into my house. I got up from my work and made my way to my door I could hear the girls talking nonstop outside as they barged into my house. I opened my door and the robust woman grabbed both my hands and flung them around her and proceeded to kiss me all over the face. After hugging me like a long lost friend she began talking a high speed she said she was so glad to see me and happy she finally found me and all sorts of compliments as her meeker shadow stood behind her and blushed hugging a spiral note pad. The two then proceeded to walk abruptly out of the house to there next objective as she still sent me butterfly kisses into the air. I took down the kiddy fence from my door and followed there trail to my front yard where I found a truck and beneath it lying in a T formation under the hood the two woman seemed to be investigating a problem with the truck the robust one that seemed to be my girlfriend was talking non stop making a check list of things to fix about the truck as the other quiet on lying parallel to the wheels wrote down calculations into her spiral notebook intently concentrating on it with her glasses holding back her hair and a random chewing of the pen she was using. I made my way to the side that my "girlfriend" was on under the truck and made my way under to see her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me under and we both where now lying on the asphalt street. She gave me a great big hug even in the confined situation and then began to tell me that we must fix this truck it is leaking and basically falling apart she rambled on about the seemingly countless problems and took my hand and placed it the rib cage of her entranced sister lying above us. She began to direct my hand all around her body and stomach which was quite firm and her breasts where very perky and firm this was a very strange thing for my "girl friend" to do and I really did not know how to take it. then as my mind raced at the situation my girl friend yanked me up from under the truck and said we must go to Wallyworld to get parts for the truck. So we all hopped into my truck and went to Walmart. We got to Walmart and it was packed but we wandered around and she showed me all sorts of things she wanted to get when we had the money and then suddenly we stumbled upon a drink bar in the middle of walmart it looked allot like a diner from the fifties. I sat down and order a Dr Pepper and the chubby black bar tender made me one. I took a drink and spit it out it tasted really bad and the bar keep looked at it and found that all the soft drinks had melded into one which was an odd thing for them to do in any case. The bar keep said he was sorry and said you may have a endless cup of juice if you would like and so I took it. He handed me a measuring cup full of orange juice which I thanked him for and went to sit down at the other end of the bar. Where I found a strange board game it seemed to be a map with water and land and it had these strange clusters of crystals that you placed in the place of land and buildings they where a mix of metallic and clear materials it was very strange. then I walked down one of the beaches where I seemed to walk into a party on the sand there was an old man walking every slowly with a cane and he was surrounded by men and women in suits asking questions and yelling out numbers like some stock market people. They crowded around this frail man as he made is walk and I walked past the horde and found a pier stretching out over the sea and leading to a very lavishly decorated boat. I walked upon the boat and found the deck was a shining wooden dance floor that lead to a white thrown at the bow of the ship. next to the throne I found a Icee Stand and a radient woman sat in a small seat looking at me intently. She was beautiful wearing a black night gown, her long deep brown hair stretched down her back and her eyes where the most alluring blue hue. I walked over to her and she pulled me close to her and started to tell me about the old man down the pier was a rich business man who hires her to serve him Icees at these functions on his boat and she said that he is very cold to her and when ever she hugs him he does nothing no matter what attention she pours upon him, he does nothing. As She spoke she grabbed my hand and ran it across her night gown showing be what she wore underneath, I felt the hard black leather corset and satin panties she wore, she looked at me in pain and held me tight then I woke up..that was a strange dream and I think that there was more but I can not remember any more but it was strange....

The End

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