The finalle

Everybody ready for the final!? Chloe has been pestering me for months to finish my story. Ok, time for a catch up. I have recently become even more mad, I get hyper on thin air and I treat big brother (the show) like a religion. I get hyper and mad more often and start talking really fast, it doesn't often make sense. So...

Back to the story. At the end of year 7, my first year at secondary school, just around Christmas, I received some awful news. After only knowing Chloe for a year, and becoming my best friend, she had to move to London. At the time, me and Chloe had fallen out over something, don't remember what but probably me being too dramatic.

It took me a while to adjust to Chloe not being at school but I eventually found my really awesome mates (Chloe was awesome as well btw). My mates can also be dramatic, when they want to be, but really, it's hard to find someone as continuously hyper and crazy as me.

The fact is that I miss Chloe but we still speak on facebook and msn (don't we Chloe) and I love all my mates at school. I am hopelessly, uncontrollably hyper and mad, I will never ever change and I will continue to stay up late every night to watch my religion ;)

Thanks for reading about my dramatic life. More stories soon.

The End

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