The Memories

As I have mentioned before in the first chapter, Chloe and I started off in the same form. We were put into the same classes as well so we saw a lot of eachother. We used to have a really boring lesson called C.B.I.C. This was the most boring lesson in the world and we had this lesson for the whole school day 2 days a week. We saw a lot of eachother in here and always managed to have a laugh and have fun in such a depressing lesson. We then started hanging around with eachother at breaktime and lunch so we got to know eachother better and we became very good friends. Our personalities matched and we had the same interests and a lot in common in general. We had such a good laugh and we decided to see eachother outside of school (not in that way). The first time I saw chloe out of school was at my house. I really had no idea about what to do though because she was a girl and i am a guy. I was shocked when I asked her what she wanted to do and she said about going on the playstation. I hate to sound sexest but I thought that the playstation was not a bit deal for girls. This is one of the first memories I want to share. Me, being a dramatic person who loves the limelight, has to be center stage, suggested that we go onto singstar. Chloe did not want to sing at all, until I convinced her otherwise. It was so funny that she didnt want to sing but then she goes ahead and I have a recording of it! In this year I developed feelings for Chloe and one day in C.B.I.C I decided to ask her out. Unfortunatally Chloe said no but it didnt matter, it just made us better friends. The next memory I want to share is the memory where me and Chloe were walking back to her house from picking her brother up from school. On the way back, we had to cross a field that was rather big. Of course this field gave me a great chance to be dramatic. I decided to make out that I was scared of crossing big fields because of snipers. Thats right, snipers. I, having feelings for chloe and having the perfect excuse of being scared, I asked to hold her hand because I was scared whitless. Because Chloe is also a bit dramatic and I think she knew I was, decided to give me her dog to hold rather than her hand. There are so many good memories to list and this story is about my dramatic life... Not Chloe, so I will move onto the next chapter... The last ever chapter in my life that includes Chloe... The most dramatic, heartbraking and painful chapter for me of all. (who need eastenders when you have got my life story! lol)

The End

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