Just a bit Dramatic

A little Sum up of what i am like and a look at some of my old memories with some great friends of mine :D

The day I was born was the day my mother knew I was going to be seeking attention and making a scene all of my life. I am the kind of person that you will meet and it will be very hard to forget me. I make my life out to be such a big drama, the world is the massive stage of which I perform. In my primary school, which is where i started to crawl out of my shell is where I will start off my story. It was in year 5 and I remember it as if it was only yesterday. I had been doing maths for what seemed like a lifetime and i had just about had enough. I decided to to do something to liven things up. I was sitting with my friend, who i can still remember well but we are not in contact anymore. I decided to pull my water bottle out of my bag and have a drink. I placed the bottle onto the table not knowing that the lid was slightly loose (i did know). My hand slightly moved and sent the water bottle flying into my friend and soaking them. This is the first memory I can remember of me starting to to crave attention. Since that day I have been very mischievious and a bit as you say 'dramatic', I crave the limelight. It was not untill secondary school that I made a lot of new good friends as I had separated from my old ones. I had made one very good friend inpeticular called Chloe. Chloe straight away my best friend, I dont know how but we did. We started off in the same form and we became friends from there. I had come to realise that we had quite a lot in common, that craving for a drama, the wanting of fun and being a tad silly, okay a lot silly. Little did we know when we first saw eachother for the first time that we would become such good friends and have so many good memories with eachother. I will go over some of the great memories we had...

The End

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