Just a bit.

hmm. so ariadne's attracted to her father's prisoner. that's just a bit forbidden...

I've asked father time and again if I can go to the mainland. But he refuses, saying that he's not risking his little girl. And I've told him, I am not little any more, I am seventeen and I don't need anyone holding my hand.

He's just all cut up still since...well, we had some unpleasantness on the mainland. My elder brother went across there on his coming of age, I was about three at the time, I think. He was taken in by everything-the big festivals, the bright lights. He had quite a bit to drink... He was found on the streets the next morning. My parents still haven't recovered.

My father turned to revenge as an outlet of his grief. He has fourteen young adults sent over on a regular basis to keep as prisoners. Most of them don't escape..I think it's disgusting, just a bit.

The End

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