there she goes again...Mature

 i watched as Rah went into one of her happy stages again and prepared for the water works the girl was so damn emotional! but she had her charms like her long black hair that would never stay in place no matter how hard she tried, it was smooth and silky i liked the feel of it under my palms ( yes I've touched her hair what!) , or how pale she is her skin is as white as snow and as soft as a baby's, she had big brown doe eye that where shaded by thick black lashes , her big pink mouth could capture any guys notice, all and all she was the cutest girl i ever know, but she was the baby in the group a 14 year old with a bunch of 16-18 year old rejects. what the hell was doing here anyway? she isn't a freak like the rest of us? heck she could be a cheerleader if she wanted!

  everyone has a story i mean look at the twins, there father died so  there landlord put the out on the street, having no where else to go we took them in. the fact is all of us are runaways are don't have anywhere else to go expect Rah she has a home to go to at night so why choice to come here? i pondered this watching as pulled out can good's out of her back pack passing it to everyone.

  "here leo!" she placed a can of beans in my hand, giving me a shy smile she scurried over to the twin's side. i looked down at the can, forgetting my questions and with one of my sharp black nails i rip of the top of the can eating beans with my fingers 

 enjoying what could be my last meal of the week

The End

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