meet the gangMature

 "there she is!"

 "final could you be any slower?"

 voices surrounded me as different people came up to me and hugged me. let me introduce you to the gang, my family!

  the twins sat in a corner on a beat up love seat. cloud on the right declared her independece of the two by dying her black hair a neon purple , though both of them wore the same thing there hair was always different , storm of the left had dyed her hair white , with her dark roots growing in she looked like a skunk . Kaze sat on the ledge of the love seat chatting happily with the twins  , his  curly locks in need of a despareted trim , they feel into his eyes and he would have to brush them back with his fingers. Rebeca ,Kaze's was trying to get a good signal on the broken down radio, her red hair cut in a short pixie style with a long bang going over one green eye. Leo sat on the edge of things just watching us all , his odd color hair falling in just the right way over his gray eyes. i love how his hair is a mixture of black , orange , red and blond. at first i didn't believe it , till i saw his chest hair....

   and then there was tuna and doddle the oldest of the group, tuna and doddle are brothers , tuna has black hair and brown eyes we call him tuna cause he likes fish , doddle is doddle cause he's always drawing his black hair has grown long enough to be in a ponytail , his dusty brown eyes are always glued to a book ,  or a notebook.

  i sat back looking at all the beautiful people before me and sighed, i just love my family!

The End

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