if you looked home up in the dictionary you would get something like this , a house or apartment or other shelter that a  usual   residence of a person , family , or house hold.  but to me home is more then that its where my heart is... not some  place where angry words are thrown at each other.  jumping over the rusty fence is a breeze i've been doing it for years now. i look both ways before walking over to a dumpster and taping the dirty lid  with my knuckles twice , putting my ear to the lid i listened for the ok call.

  1....2...3 ok!

 looking both ways again i open up the lid and step into the empty dumpster closing the lid softly behind me , i look into the hole cut into the dumpster's bottom , waiting a full count of 30 i slowly lower myself into the hole and i let myself drop down into the darkness feeling my stomach flip as i drop , i bend my knee's taking the impact into the balls of my feet.  i straighten myself and head to the yellow light , where laughter is bouncing of the walls and you can here the soft lump of a song playing on the radio.  i take in the warm earthy scent's around me. this was the smell of home! with a smile on my face i walk into the light of  my real home.




The End

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