junkyard kicksMature

"shut up bitch!!!!" 


"i'm going to kick your ass if you keep calling me that!!!!"


i covered my years and curled into a ball. trying to make the shouts from my parents fighting stop. i hated it when they fought...why can't we be happy like we used to?  why did dad have to cheat and mom have to start drinking? when did it get this bad? where mom never was without a bottle in her hand,and dad had gave up beening faithful now had a new girl every week. i wanted it to stop. i closed my eyes shut tight praying that it would stop soon. i took my hands off my ears and listened carefully...it was quite..i jumped of my bed and looked out side sure enough dad was driving off in his mustang, and mom should be drinking her self into a stupor by now.

   grabbing my back pack i stuffed clothes at random in there,slinging it over my shoulder i opened up the window slowly.i climbed out onto the fire escape. quickly and slient like i cat i jump to the ground letting the balls of my feet take the two story fall. ok..no damage done from the fall. with my messanger bag banging against my side, i  ran off to my real home. A place where i belonged....

The End

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