Entry 1

This is Junior's diary... nuf said

Dear Diary,

I feel like a fool writing this. Aren't diaries for girls? Oh well... no one else needs to know about this. This is for me, and only me. My name is George Bob Junior- horrible name, I know. Everyone calls me Junior, though- and I hate it. I live on Rive Island, in the town of Rive. Our nearest neighbor is Marion, on the mainland. I have an older brother, Jeffery. He's in college and plays football- lots of people say he'll go pro. He has a gorgeous girlfriend, and he mentioned he was thinking about proposing. Of course, I'm stuck on the island with my dad. I always was overshadowed by Jeffery... Dad never called him a fool, a failure, a useless lump. He never beat Jeffery till he blacked out and was covered in bruises. Everyone looooves Jeffery, while who am I? The stupid little brother who could never do anything right. All I can do is fight. That's it. Everyone says I'll never amount to anything. All the kids at school do is spread rumors about me. Before I started growing and learned to fight, they'd beat me up, as if I didn't get enough of that at home. Now, they just shun  me... I'm all alone. No girl would consider going to prom with the loser with a tattoo, the one who's stuck in his older brother's shadow. Except Mary... but of course, the kid with the spider tattoo saw and asked her out before I got the chance. I swear, he will pay, along with all the others who have my life a living nightmare. I'll get my dad back one day, for all those beatings and abuse... people may not realize it, but I hurt like a normal person. I pretend like it doesn't hurt but it does. Dad's going to Marion tonight- I'll finally get a break from his abuse.

The End

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