Junior Year, Pia's tale

Pia is feeling lost and alone as she starts junior year. Jay feels in contorl and happy as he starts junior year. But with driving lessons and dark secrets junior year might show them that they were both wrong as life throws them together.

Oasis city was big. Big, loud and active, it was like most cities. The long concrete bridge that joined the city to the rest of the country, leading into the bustling city centre, full of shops and offices open at all hours. Tall skyscrapers with a dash of greenery were the mayor’s office had tried to place parks within the city centre. From the city centre to go West and East would lead you to the Beverly Hills of Oasis city, the paradise Lanes, streets and streets of big white mansions with tall fences sheltering long winding drives that lead to large marble steps and big black front doors. If you continue along these roads the houses get smaller more compact, smaller gardens, smaller drives, smaller doors, but still perfectly amiable houses. To go north you would find taller, narrower houses having three floors and narrow drives. To continue going north would lead you into the cities pine forest and along to its lake were there are large beach houses, again wide houses looking over the big deep lake. But if you were to go south the houses there had been turned into flats and rubbish spilled over the street from the greying houses with broken windows.

Oasis City although ran by a mayor, was a city controlled by racing. Street racing, all citizens knew this. The companies and shopkeepers either were racers or paid racers to allow them to operate in there territory. Oasis city was broken up into four parts The North, South, East and West, within this each part was broken into races; streets turned into racing tracks. That crews competed for, if you win the race you win the streets and everyone on them has to pay you a fee, racing was a big earner in this city. To enter you have to pay and if you win; you win all the money as well as the street. If you control the most races in one of the parts you control it and everyone who races within it has to pay you. So if you were rich in Oasis then you dabbled in racing.

There were three main crews in Oasis, Dj who controlled the south, Clique who control the east and TkF who controlled the North and the west. There were also four crews who all have enough territory to be a threat but not enough to take over, Dolphins most of there races won in the east or the north, Black and Blue most of their races from the south and the west, Brothers their races from the south and east and Venus who won races mainly in the North and the West. Now it’s no surprise that because adult life is made up almost completely by racing it can only be consider natural that it seeped into the two high schools in Oasis City, spring fall West and Spring Fall East. Those who lived in the south and east go to spring fall east and those in the north and west go to spring fall west. Within each school the hallways and classrooms are allocated to those who win races for them, any argument or dispute was settled through racing. The two opposing schools compete in everything all year including races but there is always an end of school race were all racers can participate it offers a chance for those leaving school to show crews what they can do before asking to join. The only problem with living in Oasis City comes if you are naturally unable to drive and that’s were our story starts, in the north of the city. In a tall narrow house, its concrete drive way, leading to the grey steps and the old creaking oak door.


In a second floor bedroom a digital alarm clock begins to bleep with its annoying sound reaching the slightly pointed ears of the rooms’ only occupant. An arm reached out and hit the snooze button with her pale hand and chewed finger nails, before turning to lie on her back and stare at her ceiling. Her mind beginning to wonder to the up and coming school year, the year she had been dreading from the day she turned fifteen. This year driving lessons became compulsory; she would be paired with someone from her year and taught how to drive. The digital alarm clock began beeping again; she couldn’t lie here any longer and dwell on driving she had to get ready. She slipped from under the covers and walked to her wardrobe, she picks out a pair of white slacks and a blue tank top and lays them on a chair, she changes and then glances behind her, with two strides she walks to her bed and lifts the blinds, after letting her eyes take a scan of the road below she turns and heads again for her wardrobe and pulls out a white jumper. After putting this on she heads for the mirror. Standing in front of it she takes in her reflection. Pia was a small girl, she always had been. At seventeen she was only five foot two, she had mousey brown hair and dark blue eyes. She was not what would be typically called beautiful, but she was not unattractive you just had to look twice. But at seventeen having look twice beauty did not help anyone’s confidence. So Pia was a shy seventeen year old, her confidence not helped by her upbringing. She gabbed a brush and dragged it through her hair; picking up a blue scrunchie pushes her hair from her face. She looks at herself for a couple more seconds then nods and pulls on a pair of sneakers, grabs her bag from the back of the chair and leaves her room.


Were her room was Pia had to walk passed all the other rooms on the floor; opposite her room was the main bathroom. Next to that was her mother’s bedroom and opposite that was one of the guest rooms, but had had Samantha her mothers second in command sleeping in there for the passed nine years. The other four rooms were one bathroom and three bedrooms which also held members of her mother’s crew, Susie the mechanic, Sam another racer and Cara whose main job was to work with finances and work out which races were strategically best although recently she had raced to. This left two guest bedrooms upstairs with a small bathroom which were actually used for guest although these were just mainly more members of her mother’s crew. Pia walked down the stairs that lead to the lounge which still showed signs of lasts night party; beer cans and vodka bottles thrown around. Pia sighed knowing it would be the same scene that greeted her when she returned tonight. She walked through the untidy room and into the dinning room which was the same, she didn’t even stop to look and pushed the wooden door to the kitchen open, the sight that greeted her was worse than the lounge and dinning room put together. Pia placed her bag on a chair and picked up a pair of pink rubber gloves, she started gathering cups and plates from around the room and placing them in the sink. She turned on the water and glanced at the clock on the microwave, it read five forty five. “This is why I get up early” Pia said to her self half exasperated but also half as though she was just telling her self so that she knew.   


Fifteen minutes later in a house along Paradise lane, behind the steel gates and up its long winding gravel drive and behind its sturdy black door. And up its great staircase on the second floor another alarm clock was going off. From underneath the black covered quilt came a hand, this time it was not pale, it was tanned and large, it did not hit the snooze button instead the clock was turned off. The occupant of the bed swung their legs from the bed and stood up. Quickly pulling on loose tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, pulling sneakers from beneath the bed; pulling them on and going to leave the room, only as he was leaving did he catch his reflection in the mirror. Jay, or Rider as he was usually known had a mop of black hair, that was only a few shades darker than his dark eyes that suited his tanned complexion very well. He had a strong jaw that seemed to show his good looks off more. He was tall; six foot five at least. He ran a hand through his hair quickly and left his room. He jogged down the long stairs and out the front door; still jogging he reached the steel gates. Slipping out of them he began to run, his large feet pounding the ground as he ran, his heartbeat accelerating. This was the way he began every morning, he enjoyed the sensation of his heart being out of control and how much adrenaline he could feel just from running, it was nothing like the buzz he got from driving, the speed, the danger gave him such a high that he couldn’t get any were else, but running was close enough at six in the morning. He smiled to himself, this year at school he’d final get a full licence to drive. I mean he already could drive and was allowed to in Oasis; because he had a provisional but after these compulsory lessons he’d have a full licence and would be able to drive outside the city. He grinned; he’d pass these lessons easy after all he’d been driving since he was fifteen. He arrived back at his house an hour later, still running up the drive way, he ran into their butler Joe.

“Hi Joe” He called panting softly

“Hi Master Jay” Came his cheery reply “Doris has got a good breakfast on for you, you know?”

Rider smiled and simply nodded to him. Doris always cooked a good breakfast. He entered the house and ran up stairs and showered and changed quickly by the time he’d reached the dinning room it was quarter to eight. Neither his mother nor father were there yet. Rider sat down at the table and began to butter himself a bagel, slowly wondering what Doris had actually cooked this morning.  


Pia had just made her self some toast and a cup of tea, she sat gently on a stool next to the island in the kitchen. Slowly buttering the toast, the kitchen was now clean and tidy and it had only taken her about two hours, she sighed again knowing that she would have to do the same in the other two rooms tonight. Samantha was the first to come down; she did not come alone; after she came through the kitchen door a tallish figure came behind her.

“Morning munchkin” Sam said brightly. All of her mother’s crew had called her munchkin when she was little and apparently the nickname wasn’t going anywhere.

“Morning” Pia said quietly

“Wow I thought we left the kitchen in a right mess last night” Sam said. Pia didn’t say anything, she was used to this; no one would thank her for cleaning it unless she asked for a thank you and she wasn’t about to do that.

“Would you like some toast Max?” Asked Sam

“Yea” Max replied gruffly. They took positions at the table not the island and began to eat the toast that Pia had left on the table. Come to think of it Pia had seen Max before, he was always at her mother’s parties; she knew he wasn’t in her crew though. Venus was all women; but there were always men around. Her mother may want an all women crew: but an all women life no way. Her mother always had a new guy nearly on a daily basis. Her latest fix was Matt who was part of another crew, TkF; this was the most powerful crew in the city. Pia figured this was part of his attraction, other than his good looks; Matt really didn’t have anything going for him. By eight Julie, Susie and Cara were down in the kitchen, all greeting Pia with there usually “Hello munchkin”. Only Susie had come down alone, the other two had brought with them members of the all man crew Brothers. Pia recognised them because most of her mothers’ parties had all members of the Brothers crew. Other members of her mothers crew were now entering through the back door, many of the racers lived else were, but were here all day and most of the night. They all had smiles for Pia; she greeted them all gently and politely. By eight fifteen most members were sat either at the island or the table discussing cars and races. But there was still no sign of her mother. Pia sighed, she had to leave; she got up from her stool picked up her bag and left the kitchen throwing goodbye’s to its occupants as she went. As she reached the front door, her mother and Matt came down stairs. “Bye mom” Pia said. Her mother glanced around. “Where are you going?” She asked.

“To school” Pia replied simply

“At this hour, school doesn’t start until nine”

“I know but it takes me forty minutes to walk there”

“Walk? Why are you walking? Someone will drive you”

“Its fine I can walk. I walk everyday”

“You do? Since when?” Her mother asked surprised

“For the past year”


Pia nodded, she was not surprised her mother did not know this. She knew her mother loved her but she could get so wrapped up in her own life that she could go weeks without noticing Pia.

“Well goodbye mom. Matt.” Neither replied; they had begun kissing. Pia sighed again and walked out the front door. She was angry with herself, she knew her mother and the way she acted, but it still bothered her that she came second to everything else. She shuck her head. There was no use thinking about it, it had always been the same with her mother and nothing was going to change that. She rounded the corner of her street and walked along the main road. She walked past the bus stop that would be full of students from her school in ten minutes. She could of course take the bus, but none of her friends would be on there; actually no one her age would be on there. Most people aged fifteen or over drove to school; Pia being the only exception to this rule. Pia felt as though she didn’t belong in this city, she couldn’t drive, she didn’t like driving. Everything about her was the opposite of what you needed to live in this city. She wished she could love driving like her mom and want to join and drive in the crew; but every time she got in a car she did more damage than good. And now someone at school was not going to get there licence because of her. She turned the last corner and her school came into view. It was quarter to nine and there were students running everywhere. Pia walked along the side walk and up past the school gates and into the car park. She was walking thinking about driving and totally in a world of her own; that she didn’t notice the bike until it was nearly on top of her. She jumped down into an empty parking space, just as a black sports car turned into it. Pia heard the screeching breaks and turned to fined herself staring into the dark eyes of Jay Rider, the most popular boy in school. “Great” Pia whispered. What a great start to the school year.


(An hour earlier)


Jay had just finished his bagel when his father entered the room.

“Morning Jay” Henry Rider was a tall man and as dark haired as his son but he had blue eyes and was not as tanned as his son. Henry was a very successful business man and Mayor of Oasis city. He was a very powerful man but more than that he was the leader of TkF, the most powerful crew.

“Mornin’. Where’s mom?” Jay asked

“Still getting ready. Are you all ready for your first day back at school?”

“Yep, can’t wait. A full driving licence. Finally.” Jay grinned. His father smiled at him.

“I know. You know what that means don’t you?” Jay shuck his head.

“It means that I want you driving for TkF outside Oasis as well” Henry said

“Really Dad? You mean it?” Jay gushed

“You bet” His father said. Jay had only raced in a few races within Oasis, but his father knew he was good. He had won all his races against racers who had ten times more experience than Jay did; he had raw talent that Henry wouldn’t waste.

 Just then his Mother Sarah came through the door.

“Morning Darlings” She said smiling at her husband, Sarah Rider was tall with long legs. Long blonde hair and dark brown eyes, she was a beautiful woman.

“Did you both sleep ok?” She asked


“Like a log” Came both the replies, as Doris brought out their cooked breakfast, the conversation turned to races that were up and coming and of course Jay school year. As twenty past eight rolled around Jay lifted himself from the table.

“Bye mom. Bye Dad” He said

“Why are you leaving so early?” His mother asked

“I have got to pick Tom up mom”

“Oh ok. Well have a good day”

“Knock um’ dead” His father called as he left the room.

Jay ran to his room pick up his bag and wallet. He then ran bag down the grand staircase but instead of going out the front door he took a door to the right which lead into a very large garage. Which was holding about twenty cars, he looked around there was no one here which was odd. The two mechanics’ should have been here; he wondered were Tony and Matt could be. Not many of the TkF crew came to the house early in the mornings because they all had houses in the city. But Matt and Tony were the exception, they were always here. Oh well he’d see them tonight when he got back. He walked over to the other side of the room were his car was. It was a black sports car, he loved this car. It wasn’t the car he raced in but he still loved it. He slid into the driver’s seat and turned on the engine. He left the garage and drove down the drive. Once on the road he really let the car pick up speed. This is heaven he thought to himself. On the corner of one of the roads with the slightly smaller houses stood the five foot eight Tom. His sandy hair blowing in the wind. Jay pulled the car up next to him.

“Rider!” Tom greeted him with a huge smile “All ready for this year at school”

“You bet man” Jay grinned “driving lessons, racing, basketball, girls”

“And man are the girls fine. I saw Chloe the other day and I gotta say she has just got fitter over the summer.”

“Is that even possible?” Jay asked with yet another grin

“Oh it is. It’s a shame she’s so into you, but oh well plenty more to go around” As Jay began to drive again the conversation went to basketball, as they turned the last corner and the school came into view, they were discussing racing. They drove into the car park and swung into a space and Jay wouldn’t have noticed her if Tom hadn’t shouted “JAY”

Jay looked up saw her standing in the space and slammed on the breaks. The car stopped just before her.

“What’s that geek doing?” Tom asked He’d seen her before and knew she was in his year but couldn’t remember her name.

Jay was just looking into the girls dark blue eyes. “Great” he said.

The End

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