Promise To Love Me ForeverMature

A raven haired girl was sitting behind her laptop screen hugging her knees watching photos she took this summer. soon her favorite person knocked on the door. she could her the familiar footsteps and the pattern in her knocking. almost like morse code. *KnockKnockKnockKnockKnock Knock Knock* the door make a slight squeek doe to the rusty hinges when the door was opened and a head popped into the room. 

The person looked around almost like if she never seen the place before, smiling and giving a slight wink to the girl on the bed. "You know that sitting in the dark, hunched over like a ahjumma and starring with a creepy smile at the computer really isn't healthy..." The brown haired girl stated as she walked into the room, closing the door behind her and switching on the light. 

The girl in Hoodie Reacted like the light was poisonous. She covered her face with her hands making silly sounds imitating pain as she fell dramaticly backwards onto the bed, rolling around in her fake agony. The taller girl just laughed at her roommate's antics. before she jumped onto the bed hugging her friend tightly

"Krystal, I missed you~~" She wined cutely pouting. "Aishh~¨ Sulli ah~ you where gone for lke 1 hour!" Krystal Exclaimed laughing. 

"But it felt like forever and always! and not the good kind!" Sulli added putting extra aegyo into her voice and making big motions with her arms to emphasise her point. 

"Kiddo~~" Krystal said as she knocked the taller girls head playfully, earning herself a light punch on the shoulder. "Your so mean!" The brown haired girl said again she started to pout, this time she crossed her arms across her chest too. 

Krystal backhugged her soulmate and kissd her on the neck, multible times til Sulli broke out into a silly lovestruck smile. "aish~~! I love you way to much!" Sulli said as she tucked one of Krystals misplaced locks of hair behind her ear. Then placing a soft kiss first on the forehead, then on each cheek, then on her lovers soft hands before she finally kissed gently on the soft lips of her roommate. 

Soon they found themselves snuggling under the bedsheet of their shared bed. telling eachother about the small events that happened during the day. 

"I meet your sister today, in the dancing studio... she asked me about you, and we talked for a while... she even said she Shipped us" Sulli said smiling as she remembered the silly conversation about Krystal she had earlier with Jessica. 

"Really? what did you two talk about?" Krystal asked genuinely curious. 

"ahh~~ you know.... nothing special!" Sulli said as she gracefully traced Krystals jawline with one of her fingertips. 

Krystal smiled, starring lovingly at the girl before her with no lust, just love. out of the blue Sulli asked something that made Krystal smile even more if even possible.  

"Will you love me even when we turn into grandmas?" 

"Of course i will! we will turn into elders together!" Krystal responded kissing the tip of Sulli's nose. 

"Will you take care of me too?" 

"Yes, in exchange i want you to take care of me too" 

The girls laughed at their totally random conversation before they tightened the hug on eachother. 

"do you promise to love me forever?" Sulli asked, looking for confirmation.

"I do, I truly do" Krystal answered with a proud smile on her face.

The End

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