Somewhere Only We KnowMature

"Hey... wakey wakey!~" Sulli said, gently shaking the younger girl's body beside her, only to earn herself a grunt and a kick. "don't wanna....." Krystal responded back, her face burried into the pillow and her raven hair sprawled out into a mess. The brown haired girl just shruged and got up by herself,  took a quick shower before she made some breakfast for the rest of the members to wake up to.

Soon Victoria joined the cooking, it was nothing fancy by any means, just omelet , scrambled eggs and bacon. but it was the members favorite. "Our pretty maknae, so good at cooking!" Victoria exclaimed in a slightly broken korean, a small smile made its way on The lips that was once pressed into a thin line. "Gomawo Victory unnie..." Sulli said with a teethy smile.

within minutes the members started to drop in one by one. till only Krystal was remaining unpresent at the table.. "I'll go get her Victory unnie" Sulli stated as she headed of to the bedroom she shared with her soulmate. 

As soon as she entered the room she knew what Krystal was dreaming about. like so many nights before, Krystal had a habit of dreaming of places, not people or objects, but places. Sad and gloomy. Cheerful and colorful. and peaceful places. this time round Sulli knew from the breathing and positon her her roommates hands what place she was dreaming of.

Today Krystals hands where relaxed, moving slightly every now and then, her face relaxed and her chest going up an down in a steady pace.

She was dreaming of The silent place, with green grass and purple cherry blossoms. a place with slight wind and a perfectly balanced sun. a big oak tree that seemed to be over 500 years old with big brances and a lot of leaves. thick and messily grown roots sticking up from beneth the ground. and a old wooden house that smelled of summer.

-Krystals pov- 

The wind was blowing my hair, making it look like it danced gracefully in the wind, and the strong smell of cherry blossoms and peach flowed through the air and into my nostrils. I was sitting with my back against the big old oak tree. looking at my surroundings. everything was so colorful, the smell and atmosphere kept reminding me of a feeling that I knew so well, yet i couldn't put my finger on  what feeling it was. I could hear a adorkeble laugh somewhere in the distance. the laugh was from someone i treasure. some one I truly care for and love. 

I got this feeling telling me to turn around, and so I did, and I got meet with a big bear hug and that familiar scent. I didn't react in time to see the face but i knew who it was the second the person said something that caught my attention.

"Isn't she lovely~.... isn't she wonderful~....Less than one minute old...~~"

"sull?" I asked, the song was our song, our lullaby, she kissed my lips gently while smiling, i could feel her smile on my lips. those soft and luscious lips... it felt more real then it used to the hug and kiss, the scent of peach and Cherry blossoms the smell was more real too.

-End pov- 

As soon as Krystal opened her eyes she was meet with a soft embrace and a pair of lips still on hers. "I knew it!" she exclaimed in her head. as soon as Sulli felt Krystal moving she let go. and sat up, pulling the raven haired girl with her.  "why..?? i was sleeping so soundly too~~"she whined cutely. "I know" the taller girl replied with a smile on her face. "I know where you where" she said, her smile growing wider with those words said. "aah? really~~? where were i?" Krystal asked a teasing smile on her face. swiftly she brushed a few of the locks away from her face before she focused on the girl before her. curious what her answer would be.  "it's a secret" Sulli replied with a wink. cause quite frankly she knew that krystal already knew that Sulli could tell what and how she was dreaming about. But the younger girl didn't really know it was to that extent... Krystal looked at the taller girl with a question mark painted on her forehead. "...Somewhere only we know...." Sulli wispered in her ear. "the place where the purple cherry blossoms grow and the sent of peach is somehow existent...." -she continued with a smirk creeping its way on her lips. "...our private little neverland that you are so very found of" Sulli ended her sentance with a soft kiss on the ear she wispered into. 

Krystal blushed at this action. she was slightly dumbfounded and confused, she didn't really grasp how her roommate knew so much about her dream land or ´neverland´ that she just called it. "...did you possibly break into my journal?!" she asked after a while of thinking of possible ways. and that was the only logical reason she could think of. Sulli laughed her choding laugh upon hearing this. "no... you just sleeptalk alot" She answered. "plus you express your feelings with your face and handmotions... so its pretty easy to know what you where dreaming about!" Sulli stated. happily. 

"now shower you dirty bastard!" She joked as she pulled the shorter girl up on her feet and pushed her into the bathroom and closed the door. she then returned to the kitchen and smiled at the questioning looks of her members. "what was that all about?" Amber asked quirking a eyebrow in suprise. "oh nothing! We just went somewhere only we know how" Sulli replied a soft smile on her lips and a cute spark in her eye. 

"damn this world...." Victoria hissed to herself. feeling slightly lonely seeing her manknae's so lovey dovey.

The End

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