Maybe Next Time...Mature

Krystal starred at the note anxiously, the pure white pieace of paper folded into a square on the kitchen table.  the new found silence in the apartment made Krystal shiver. a glee full voice suddenly eachoed in her head "Forever and always Soojung ah~!"  feeling her heart wrench in anger and sorrow Krystal grabbed the note and scrunched it into a ball before she threw it angryily into the wall. "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?! WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!!!" she yelled befores he slumped down along the wall and started to reminisce in her grief. 

-Soojung ah~! I brought you some vitamins, take them white eating your first meal of the day!- 

-Soojung! i made breakfast! love you~~-

-baby Jung i love you more then anything, understand?!-

-Krystal, can you feel my heartbeat?- 

-Soojung, love me forever alright?- 

Notes like these where always on the kitchen table when Krystal woke up for around 2 and a half years, of course being blinded by love she thought that Sulli was just being a kkab and corny, maybe even a hopeless romentic-girl. every morning when Krystal woke up she would smile brightly at the colored notes filled with hearts and cute figures and a small message. 

Slowly krystal looked over at the ball of paper beside her before she crawled over and grabbed it, pressing it against her chest like she just stole her sisters favorite album. Krystal once again leaned her back against the wall befores he carefully opened the note. 

-Soojung ah~~ i'm sorry that i hurt you, if you only knew how hurtful it is to watch you cry. cry for worthless things, i wish to always see you happy and beaming with happyness though i know its imposible to ask such a thing out of anybody... I just love you so much Soojung. and i wish you the best, when you read this note i'm no longer in this world...- 

Krystal could feel her cheeks getting wet from the river of tears flowing out of her eyes. "i'm sorry...." Krystal mumbled to herself. she suddenly saw all those small things she easily dismissed earlier. the violent coughing, the disobeying limbs, the strange headaches, and the 'business appointments'. everything was suddenly crystal clear, like the world had suddenly laid itself bare infront of her. she remembered seeing the smile she loved so much, but at the time she didn't see that the smile didn't reach her eyes, her smile didn't showcase her teeth, her eyes was always filled with slight worry and fear. how could she have just missed it all?! Krystal losened the tight gripp she had on the paper in her hand before she continued to read her lovers sloppy yet caring handwriting.

-I wish i could have told you, but i was to afraid, to afriad you would leave me, to afriad to make you sad and burdened, maybe you would lose hope on me? just like i did the day i started writing those sticky-notes to you. yes Krystal, i knew even back then that my life would be over soon... the doctor told me that i had a one to a million chance to survive. and who am i to be the one in a million? Maybe you saw past my worry for you because you where so deeply in love with me? if thats the case i'm sorry. you know i love you right? forever and always, right? my little ice princess, please be happy. atleast you get to live, keke keep me in your heart Soojung, but don't let me be the shadow of your life. Maybe next time, in the next life, we'll meet each other again, like the soulmates we  truly are, and i promise you that then, i would never let you go. Farewell Krys.

Krystal hugged her knees crying even harder then before. "Ssul" she wispered her voice cracking.

Once Krystal was all out of tears to shed to walked into the bathtub, grabbing a knife from the kitchen and sarted to full the bathtub up with cold water. still holding a tight gripp on the note her lover left behind. "how could i be so foolish...." she asked herself. her muscles twitching in anger. Without hesitation Krystal entered the bathrub once she thought it was full enough. lifelessly she raised the sharp knife and stabbed it deeply into her thigh. soon she could smell the blood slightly, smilng she looked as the blood started to seep out into the water,she breathed out with a smile on her lips. 

"you promised me... forever and always... till death do us apart......" Krystal stated in a matter of fact tone. slowly she removed the silver ring on her ringfinger and placed it on the side of the bathtub, reading the inscription again and again, till she took her last breath and her heart stopped beating. 

As darkness took over Krystal could see Sulli standing before her reaching her hand out for her. and that childish laugh eachoed in the spacieous nothingness.

-Truly, Forever And Always,Till Death Do Us Apart, Soulmatie- SSul  

The End

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