8. Death or glory

"Scar" Chakax shouted in horror seeing his friend dead.

"I am the hand of death and the destroyer of countries, you shall all die here for I am DOOMSKULL!" the figure said in a slow, deep voice.

Then without warning he slowly drew a mace crackling with dark magic and walked forward towards Chakax. Chakax braced himself for the blow when suddenly Ursak ran in the way before shouting to Chakax.

"Go close the gate I'll hold him off".

Chakax nodded before running towards the gate.

Ursak raised Grave Digger in front of him ready to hold this demon master so Chakax could close the gate. When Doomskull was within meters of Ursak he swung the mace at him. Ursak dodged to the left narrowly escaping certain death. Ursak quickly slashed back cutting into Doomskull. Seeming not to notice Doomskull swung again smacking into Ursaks chest. Ursak felt his ribs break as he flew through the air before he landed on the floor meters from where he stood seconds before.

"Now you die" Doomskull shouted at Ursak.

When he got close to Ursak, Doomskull lifted his mace above his and brought it down quickly towards Ursak. With his lightning reflexes, Ursak managed to roll out of the way. Looking up he saw Doomskull looking at him.

"Pity," he said to Ursak "they where much harder to kill a hundred years."

"Pity," Ursak said back.

"What is?" Doomskull questioned.

"You would have had a less deep voice then, must have been funny having a opponent with a high pitched voice."

"You think you are funny, well you will die anyhow" Doomskull said.

As Doomskull got ready to do the killing blow he suddenly drooped the mace next to Ursak. A purple beam flew through his helmet visors and within a split-second he exploded in a haze of shadow.

Ursak looked over to his left, Chakax had closed the gate and now the demons where all turning to ash. Chakax ran over to him.


"I KNOW I'm going to die" Ursak said to Chakax "but we won"

"Yes Ursak, we won."

Chakax went and got Grave Digger before giving it to Ursak. Ursak then put the sword handle in his hand and put his hand to his heart and braced himself...

The End

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