7. The way up the mountain

Chakax charged up the slope with Ursak and Scar to his right, to his left was Slaan and Komodo. As they sliced their way through the demons Komodo was grabbed by a flying beast and dragged off the mountain.

"Keep moving!" Chakax shouted to everyone else we have to reach the gate.

Slowly they made their way up the mountain path. After they had destroyed the last demon, Slaan slowly walked up to a small drop, the bottom not visible. Slaan turned.

"Let's go around it the gates on the othe..."

A giant tentacle wrapped itself around him before smashing him into the ground and dragging him screaming off the edge.

"MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" Chakax shouted.

Everyone ran around the pit as more tentacles crashed around them everywhere.

"Shoot" Scar yelled as the ground started collapsing, just as he caught up with Ursak and Chakax.

Chakax looked at the pit before turning and walking up the path to the gate, Ursak and Scar close behind. When they made it up they looked in awe at the size of this gate. It made everything look like fleas compared to it.

"Let's get this done" Ursak said before walking towards the gate.

"You're right let's get this done, Scar come on" Chakax agreed before turning.

There a figure in black armor looked up from Scars crumpled body.

The End

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