6. A friend lost

Oxyotl turned his ride Freefall towards the gate. He dodged spears and arrows thrown by demons at the flying monsters. A rider to the left of Oxyotl was hit in a volley of arrows before him and his steed plummeted to the ground.

"Steady, steady" Oxyotl whispered to Freefall before turning to Chakax. "Get ready this is going to be very tight".

Chakax nodded before calling back to everyone else telling them the news. As they came within meters of the mountain Oxyotl noticed a ledge just big enough for them to land on. Oxyotl signaled to land there and they flew towards it. When they got closer he realized that they where going to have to jump.

"Chakax," Oxyotl called over his shoulder "you are going to have to jump."

"Ok" came his reply.

As he swooped close, the ground team jumped from their rides onto the ledge. As Oxyotl pulled up towards the gate, flying demons that looked like gargoyles came through the gate ploughing into the flyers, their claws ripping the terradontons wings like paper. Oxyotl pulled out at the last possible second, dodging claws by nanometers. Quickly he drew his battle axe Devastator and sliced a demon in half.

Suddenly Freefall screeched with terror. Oxyotl turned to see what it was, right behind them a giant beast at least eight foot tall and sixteen foot in length grabbed Freefall ripping Oxyotl from the saddle letting him fall before devouring Freefall in one huge gulp.

"No" Oxyotl whispered in despair as he watched his friend being eaten.

Oxyotl no longer cared he was falling to his death all he wanted was to kill this great beast. Grabbing his bow from his back he pulled a handful of arrows and put them to the string. The beast now coming down at him opening its mighty jaws. It was now meters away from Oxyotl.

"For Freefall" he whispered before letting arrows fly.

He watched as the arrows hit the beast a couple going into its wings. Oxyotl realized that it could no longer fly. It fell with him! Oxyotl laughed in pure happiness before everything went black.

The End

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