5. The mountains base

Ursak crouched behind a rock, Grave Digger in hand he slowly looked over the rock. A shape silhouetted against the sun stood on the other side looking at the mountain. Ursak crept around the boulder expecting to be jumped on by a demon, what he saw was different. A lizardman just a bit smaller than him stood there spear at the ready looking at him.

"What is your name" asked this lizardman.

"Ursak" replied Ursak.

"Chakax, nice to meet you Ursak" said this lizardman kindly.

"My clan got destroyed by these demons and I want to kill every last one for it" Ursak siad furiously.

"Well you came to the right place" said Chakax as a war horn bellowed.

Ursak looked over to where the noise came from. An army was marching out of the jungle going to combat the demons.

"Come with me" Chakax said moving briskly towards the plain.

When Ursak caught up with Chakax he saw that terradonton flyers from one of the tribes he did not know where waiting. Charkax got on the back of one with an orange lizardman.

"Ursak this is Oxyotl, you will be flying with Scar" Chakax said pointing to a small lizardman obviously from one of the pygmy tribes.

As they took off and the army got halfway across the plain the demons started to come from the mountain. They ran forward as the lizardmen in the front two rows lowered their spears and with an almighty crash the demons ploughed into the army.   

The End

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