4. The mighty Air riders

Chakax and the army of the assembled tribes made camp at the lake by the base of the escapement where the final tribe lived, the mighty air riders.

"Sir" a small lizardman of the pygmy tribe 'the Skinks' said "I know the Chief of this tribe he is the legendary flyer Oxyotl."

"Thank you little one. What is your name" Chakax asked.

"Scar" he replied

"Well scar, I think you better introduce me to this Oxyotl" Chakax said and together the set off towards the path that led to the top of the escapement.

When Chakax made it to the camp he found the mighty air riders were already assembling.  The air riders were a mottled blue color to better help them blend into the sky when they flew.

Scar walked towards a lizardman, who unlike the all the other air riders was bright orange. "Oxyotl" said Scar, "please let me introduce you to our warlord Chakax".

Oxyotl came forwards 'Chakax I heared your call to war, my sky riders and I are ready and await your orders'

'Yes Oxyotl, we should go now' Chakax said as he turned to go get the men. "Assemble by the left flank of the camp, tomorrow we go to war."

The End

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