3. The first blow.

Ursak walked through the foliage into a clearing among the trees. He stopped to survey what lay before him. The once green grass was now a desolate wasteland, the clear taint of demons. Narrowing his eyes to slits he spotted atop the great mountain a gate to the demon world of darkness. Ursak drew his sword Grave Digger and plunged it into the ground in fury.

"Curse you demons, if it's the last thing I do, I'll wipe you from this land."

Quick as a flash, his tuned senses heard something. He grabbed his sword and whipped round just as a blood red demon jumped at him.The demon was a foot taller than Ursak who was seven foot tall and considered large for his clan. The demon had a wicked sword with serated edges which were glowing with the power of evil.

Ursak quickly parried the strike. The demon, knocked back by Ursaks parry, quickly lunged forward gibbering madness. It lunged for Ursaks leg but missed by millimeters. Ursak rage let loose, hacked at the demon again and again but his rage made him blind and the demon blocked each one with ease. Ursak getting tired took a step back as the demon caught his chest with the tip of his sword. A great pain flew through Ursaks body before he fell to the floor. The demon circled him once savoring the kill before raising his sword above his head. Ursak saw his chance, his sword in hand he swung up decapitating the demon. The demon shrieked as it turned into ash.

Ursak slowly sat up clutching his chest, the wound wasn't deep but a demons blow never heals. Slowly he got up and kept walking.

The End

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