2. A menace returns

Chakax awoke with a start. In his dreams he had seen another clan in ruins with only one survivor. Ever since he was only a hatchling he had the gift to see other parts of Grandion while he slept. Chakax briskly got up and quickly made his way across the camp to the three most important lizardmen in Grandion, the elder Croaks.

As Chakax stepped in the Croaks holy hut they turned around to see who it was.

"High elders, I bring terrible news! The demons have returned" Chakax gasped out of breath.

"Calm yourself Chakax, that is terrible news" said one of the elder Croaks calmly."We must gather the tribes."

"It will be done o' great one" Chakax said as he marched out to gather the lizardmen. When outside he shouted for every lizardman to meet outside the holy hut in five minutes.

When everyone had assembled, the ancient Croaks came slowly out of their holy hut.

"A grave danger threatens Grandion. The demons have returned!"

Gasps flew around the crowd.

"We must assemble the tribes to combat this menace to not only Grandion but to the whole world. Chakax will lead the force who will combat them at their dreaded lair the 'Mountain of Doom'. Now go" they said before going back into their holy hut.

Chakax turned and bellowed "now brethren gather arms we go to war in the name of the great Gods." 

The End

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