Jungle Warrior

When darkness falls Ursak and the other lizardmen tribes must band together to face the dark evil of the demons.


Ursak the lizardman sentry sat by the river looking at the fish. He watched and when one was close, like lightning he plunged his spear into the fish before pulling it from the water.

"Got you" Ursak whispered to the fish, smoothly putting it into a sack with all the other fish he had caught that day.

When Ursak made his way back to camp he noticed it was empty. Dropping his sack he ran up to the temple, the Guards would be there. When he got to the temple he saw a horrifying sight. Parts of other lizardmen where all over the place, the lead guard Kroq-Gar lay on the base of the steps lifeless, with a burn on his chest. Ursak ran to him sliding on his knees the last few feet. As he inspected the burn he realised that only one thing could possibly be able to do this. The foul children of madness.


The End

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