jumping lessons.


about a girl, and a maybe-boy.
featuring a cliff.

take a deep breath.

her muscles contracted and the wind was calling her- jump, there are no safety nets
its the only way you'll learn how to free-fall.

close your eyes.


her eyes snapped open, and her feet stepped back from the edge. she turned and saw his beautiful face; and her eyes found his.
the same eyes she was too afraid to look into and tell him goodbye.

"stay with me."

he grabbed her hand, and they ran.
their last steps were in sync - together they jumped, side by side they fell, fingers and heartstrings intertwined.

let go.

so this is flying, she thought, then smiled;
her eyes still closed from vertigo, but his presence made it bearable; at least with her eyes shut.
her limbs were rag-doll-like, she'd lost control of them and the wind was beating her body against his, beating eachother black and blue. he felt like stone, but she only smiled harder.

"i love you." she told him, 

it wasn't till she saw the ground that she realised she was alone.

don't ever open your eyes.

The End

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