Anderson stands up quickly and we both shoot out of the diner. He starts his car and finds that the entrance is blocked by drive-through cars. "Crap," he says under his breath. He turns the car around and drives towards the chain-link fence that separates the parking lot from the freeway.

"Wait, no!" I scream. Anderson is crazy. Everyone is going to see us. But he crashes right through the fence anyways, and whizzes onto the freeway just as the Waymen's motercycles come into view.

He floors the gas pedal and we drive west to Washington.

When we pass into the Pennsylvania border, the sun is beginning to rise. My eyelids are heavy, but I can't fall into sleep. It's too dangerous. Anderson is tired, too. We go through a small town and Anderson spots a motel. When he gets a room, I'm becoming bleary-eyed and light-headed. I feel like I'm about to collapse, and I grip the counter. Anderson supports me as we walk to the room. He lays me down on the bed and I fall into a deep sleep.

When I wake up, I see Anderson sleeping on the floor. It's dark outside. I see his cellphone on the dresser and I pick it up. It's 11:00. But it's the next day. I slept a whole day. I feel better.

Anderson is snoring loudly and I stifle a giggle. The I scold myself for being so ridiculous. 

I set his phone back down on the dresser and stare at the ceiling. It will probably be a few hours until Anderson wakes up again. I close my eyes and try to fall back asleep, but I can't. I sigh and go to the bathroom. I notice that there's a shower and don't hesitate. I strip off my clothes and turn the water on. 

It's so warm, like I've never felt before. It's always been cold in Newra. I haven't felt this good since Shelaan.

There's a knock on the door. I turn the shower off and wrap a towel around myself. I crack open the door and steam streams out. Anderson is standing there still half asleep.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Hurry up, we need to go," he says groggily. I shut the door and dry myself off. My purple hair falls to my shoulders. I get dressed and grab a glass shard. I stretch out my hair, shear most of it off and throw it into the garbage can. I shove the glass back in my backpack and put it on.

The front door is open. I go outside and see Anderson starting the car. He beckons me and I hurry down. I slam the door shut and he drives out of the parking lot.

Still a little tired, he squints at the road. The sun is beginning to rise again and it is blinding him. I offer to take the wheel and he pulls over to switch spots. He gets out of the car and I slide over a seat. He buckles up and I push down the gas. I haven't driven a car in forever. It's kind of nerve-wracking, but that's just me. Anderson pulls a map out of the glove box and tells me to turn left.

"But that goes back north," I protest as the turn comes closer. "Just go," he says. I sigh and turn. It goes down a long country road. I see tall red silos it a field to my left and a little farmhouse to my right. There are little girls crossing the street and I stop the car.

I get a closer look at the girls. They are wearing brown dresses and little white caps over long hair. I feel like I've been whisked away to the past.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Pennsylvania," he answers back sarcastically. I roll my eyes and he smiles, still looking at the map. "Amish land," he says.

It's like he just spoke in a different language. The girls finish crossing the street. I nod like I completely know what he's saying. 

I continue driving down the road for some time. I'm starting to get hungry but there's nothing around here. I don't say anything because I don't want to be rude. But a half-hour later, my stomach is loudly growling and Anderson is chuckling. He reaches back and grabs two apples. I take one graciously and bite into it. The juice spread over my tongue and I smile. It reminds me of my old grandmother's farm in Shelaan...

I shake the memory out of my head and focus on the road. Which is a good thing, because right now a big black buggy is coming up the way. A beautiful black horse is pulling it up the way. I pull over so it can pass. A boy about my age wearing a black hat like a pilgrim's waves in thanks. I smile back.

After he goes past us, I get back on the road and continue driving down the barren road.

When it starts to get dark, we get to the end of the long road and Anderson tells me to turn left again. We drive into another tiny town and we stop at a convenience store. Anderson tells me to stay in the car and he gets out. When he can't see me, I turn on the radio and listen to the news. I'm still wanted, but now it's become more desperate. I can't believe I'm in this much trouble. I'm only 14!

Anderson is running out with four boxes of cereal and another small box. He shouts at me to start the car, and I do. He whips the door open and plops down in the seat. "Drive!" he shouts. Why is he so panicked?

When I speed out of the parking lot, I see why he's so freaked out.

The Waymen are riding towards us at high speed. 

The End

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