The world is ending, at least the world we know. It is being taken over slowly by the Ruler and his Waymen. There is only one girl who can stop them. Her name is Alexa, a homeless orphan living in what used to be New York but is now known as Newra.

They are after me.  They are after me. They are after me.

That's all I can think about. I don't dare look back. It would slow me down, and I'd lose my opportunity of escape. No, I won't look back.

I sprint past the bookstore on the corner and onto Harrison Bridge over murky Denia River. There is a car accident up ahead and traffic has completely stopped. It's backed up all the to the bookstore. Perfect, I think. I run past the endless line of boring black cars heading home from work and realize that I'll get nowhere if I head straight. So I swerve to the left and nearly hit a side mirror. I tumble over the hood of a car and crash next to the tire. I scrape my knee, but it's nothing.

I hear the heavy footfalls of the Waymen and get back up, shooting past the cars. When I am far enough away, I briefly rest at the edge of the bridge. I see the rushing water below and come to a decision. The Waymen come closer to me as I run across in the other direction, jumping onto the hoods of cars, clambering to the very tops. Several bullets miss me, but one hits my side. I feel a searing pain as I jump off the edge of the bridge and dive head first into the Denia River.

The End

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