Chapter 1

"Ok, Class. It's Over! Homework For Today... There Is No Homework!" Mr Weaver Looked To Darren. He Looked Just As Sullen As He Had Done At The Start Of The Day. Mr Weaver Sighed As The Teenagers Filed Out To Their Next Class.

Darren Walked Down The Hall. He Looked Down Upon Everyone As He Walked By, Just To Cover The Fact He Was Slowly Dying Inside. His Mother's Death Had Resulted In Mass Chao's In His Household. His Brother, Grady, Was Only Twelve And Couldn't Fully Take In What Had Happened. Darren Would Walk Past Grady's Room Sometimes And Just Listen To His Brother Crying For Their Mother.
Darren's Father Never Saw His Son's Anymore, He Locked Himself In His Room All Day Until It Was Time To Get Darren And Grady From School.
Sometimes, Darren Would Just Lie In A Ball On His Bed And Think, He Would Think Of His Mother, Her Contagious Smile, Her Gentle Touch And Her Love For Her Family. 

Darren Stopped Outside His Locker And Breathed Deeply, He Shouldn't Think Too Much About Her, Otherwise He Would Start Crying, And No One Would Want That.
"Hey, Darren." Toby Greeted His Friend Carefully, Knowing How Sensitive Darren Was Now.
Darren Didn't Say Anything, He Just Vaugely Smiled At Toby.
"Why Were You Late Again Today?" Toby Asked Quietly.
"Is It Any Of Your Buisness?" Darren Burst Out At Him. Toby Backed Away, Suddenly Shocked. Darren Just Went Back To Unlocking His Locker And Getting Out A Science Book While Toby Just Stared At Him.
"No. It's Not." Toby Walked Away, Obviously Angry With Darren. Sure, He Could Understand Why Darren Might Be Upset But It Had Been A Month, He Still Couldn't Be Depressed. But Toby Had Never Lost Anyone Like That, So He Knew Nothing Of The Pain That Darren Felt. 

Darren Walked Alone To Physics.

The End

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