Chapter 14Mature

“Eli? Could you come here please?” Julian shouted from the door at the playing children who had long finished their ice creams in the sun.

“Yep!” He ran inside, Eleanor and Jimmy at his heels. They had been playing a small game of football against Bonnie and Mitchell and they were losing badly, but that didn’t dampen their spirits.

“But Julian! We need him to help us win!” Eleanor whined. Julian shut the door, smiling through the window; Eleanor grinned a small grin back then ran off with Jimmy.

“Eli, now, you say you can’t remember. Someone is here to help you remember and just check you over. Okay?” Julian ushered Eli into the sitting room where a skinny man sat, inspecting the surroundings, like the bookshelf along the far wall, seeing how easily the books would fall out, then he inspected the coffee table for how sturdy it was. He looked up seeing Julian enter with Eli.

“You must be Eli. My name is Doctor Leontiou. I’m just going to look you over and ask you a few questions, is that okay?” His deep voice was calming and Eli nodded.

“Okay.” He whispered to the doctor.

“This might be a bit cold. Don’t worry.” Dr. Leontiou took out a stethoscope, reached under Eli’s tshirt and pressed the freezing metal to his chest. Eli gasped but didn’t move.

Dr. Leontiou put the earpieces in and listened for a minute, making a note on a piece of paper of Eli’s heart rate.

“Seems normal, if not a little fast.” He muttered as he wrote it down.  “Open your eyes and keep them open for me please, Eli.” He said, turning back to Eli, who opened his eyes wide as a small torch was shone in them.

“Look at my finger.” Dr. Leontiou commanded, and Eli obeyed.

The doctor slowly moved his finger up and down and side to side as the torch showed him what he had to see.

“Looks like a severe concussion. Let me check your head.” He murmured, already standing to part Eli’s brown hair in several places, looking for a mark.

“There it is. Julian, look.” Julian walked over to see a rather small gash on a rather large bump on the back of Eli’s head.

“Oh. Is he going to be okay?” Julian whispered to Dr. Leontiou, who nodded unsurely.

“I think so. We might have to take him into hospital for just a few checkups.” The doctor put his stethoscope back around his neck and wrote some more on the paper.

“How old do you think he is?” Julian still kept his voice down.

“I think four or five.” Dr. Leontiou turned to Eli. “Eli? Can you remember your name? Before you were called Eli? Do you remember anything?” He bent down to Eli’s level.

“No.” He shook his head vigorously.

“Oh.” Was all Dr. Leontiou had to say.

He then turned to his bag which was sitting beside the couch. The brown leather tearing and fading in some places.

“Here. Tell him to take these if it starts to hurt.” He handed Julian a box of bright blue pills.

“Thank you, Doctor. Will there be anything else?” Julian said, fearing the answer of “yes”.

“No, thank you. Call me if anything comes up. Goodbye, Eli.” He waved smiling to Eli, who waved back out of fear.

After Dr. Leontiou had gone, Eli began asking questions.

“Why was that scary man touching me?” Julian didn’t laugh as any other humorous or odd-minded person would’ve done.

“He wasn’t touching you in a bad way, Eli. It was for your own good.” Julian smiled at him.

“Oh... Why?” Eli looked at Julian quizzically.

“Because it looks like you’ve had a bump on the head, so if it starts to hurt, the doctor gave me these to give to you to stop it hurting.” He explained.

“Oh. How do pills stop heads from hurting?” Julian did laugh at this and told Eli to go play outside with everyone else. It was so typical of a child to ask questions, but not a child of his age. He should be carefree and happy, but he seemed quiet and not really sure how to take on the world.

Maybe it was because of his injury. That's what Julian agreed with. It was just the bump on the head making him question things, you’d like to know what happened if you were hit on the head.

The End

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