Chapter 7Mature

Julian bounced Fergus on his knee as Mitchell stared at Fergus. Mitchell hated Fergus. They way he smiled, the way he cried and the way Julian was all over him. Mitchell scowled jealously as Julian laughed at Fergus as they sat on the couch.

Bonnie stood behind Mitchell, who was standing in the doorway of the kitchen going into the sitting room.

“Mitchy, do you like Fergus?”Bonnie made him jump.

“Bonnie! You scared me.” He said almost angry but he didn’t take his eyes away from Fergus.

“Do you like him?” She asked him again as she watched with Mitchell.

“No. I hate him.” He growled.

“Is it because of Julian and him playing?” Bonnie was very observing as a young girl.

“Yes. Do you hate him too?” He asked her, expecting a yes.

“No. He’s cute and Julian likes him.” She smiled at Mitchells tone.

They watched Julian and Fergus for a little while longer. Then Eleanor asked to play with Julian without Fergus. Eleanor skipped upstairs waiting for Julian.

“Sure, Ellie.” Julian looked around as he held Fergus. He saw Mitchell in the door.

“Hey, Mitch. Can you look after Fergus for a few minutes?” He beckoned for Mitchell to go over.

“Why do I have to look after him?” Mitchell sat down on the couch.

“Because, you are the only other man. And I want you to get to know him.” Julian sat next to Mitchell and placed Fergus very gently on Mitchells lap and guided his hands to where they should hold him.

“See? Just do that for a few minutes. You can watch TV while you watch him. But do not drop him or hurt him. Okay?” Julian patted what he could of Mitchell’s knee, even though Fergus made that hard.

“Fine.” Mitchell avoided looking at the baby on his lap.

“Bon! Can you help Mitch look after Fergus for a few minutes, please?” He called through the house; Julian didn’t know she was only in the kitchen next door.

“Yep.” She trotted in happily and sat next to Mitchell and watched Cbeebies with him.

“He really is very cute.” She said, stroking his head as Julian went upstairs.

“No he’s not. He’s ugly.” Mitchell retorted.

“No, he is not.” She spelt out every word carefully. “You are a boy. You don’t understand.” She pushed her brown hair behind her ears and got up.

“Bonnie! Don’t leave!” He called after her but she had already got halfway up the grand staircase.

“Fine. I don’t need her.” He muttered as another episode of Tikkabilla came on. Mitchell wanted to turn Fergus around so he could see the screen but then he realised that why should he bother? He was a stupid baby who wouldn’t understand.


Mitchell sat on the couch casually as he held Fergus in his small arms. Their eyes met suddenly as Mitchell was glancing around the room, they both frowned.

“Hello. I’m Mitchell.” Mitchell said to Fergus quietly. Fergus looked away from Mitchell as he spoke.

“Hey. I’m talking to you.” Mitchell said, slightly louder. “Don’t ignore me!” He said angrily.

Fergus laughed at him and Mitchell couldn’t help but smile as he held Fergus’ underarms.

“You know, Fergus. I think we could be friends. But I’m older, so you have to do what I say.” He said proudly.

“I didn’t like you at first. I hated you. But now, I don’t know. You are quite cute, but don’t tell Bon, Julian or Ellie I said that.” He whispered the last part.

“See you like him now, don’t you, Mitch?” Julian made Mitchell jump.

Mitchell shrugged and tried to lift Fergus back into Julian’s arms.

“You do like him. I can see it.” Julian beamed.

“Alright. Yeah. He’s okay.” Mitchell grinned.

“I knew you’d like him eventually.” Julian sat next to Mitchell as Mitchell blushed.

The End

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