Chapter 6Mature

Julian was handling everything perfectly, Bonnie, Mitchell and Eleanor were munching their sweets as Julian prepared their supper, then the doorbell rang, and mass chaos ensued. Mitchell and Eleanor raced to the door, pushing each other out of the way so they could answer it.

It made them feel important and sometimes they hoped it would be for them, but as soon as they saw the unfamiliar adult staring down at them they backed away.

This time was no different; Mitchell won the race and opened the door, panting.

“Hello, Mitchell, is it? Is Julian in?” Ms Gibbons said, shaking off the umbrella on the front step.

“Hello, Ms Gibbons.” Julian came to the door and invited her in. “Wow, it was really nice earlier, now look at this rain.” He looked to the sky were the dark clouds had come over the town. It was almost hard to see the sky as it was getting darker and darker. He had left Fergus in the kitchen in the carrier.

“Hello, Julian.” She stepped inside his house and put her soaking umbrella down. She didn’t bother to comment on the awful weather.

“Fergus is in the kitchen.” Julian let Ms Gibbons lead the way. She gasped when she saw him.

“What's wrong?” Julian asked as she rushed to him and leant over him.

“It’s... smiling.” She said gobsmacked someone like Julian could make a baby smile.

“It’s a he, remember.” Julian commented quietly. Ms Gibbons waved a hand.

“Well, you seem to have done well with him. You can keep him.” She said carelessly after a few moments.

“Really? That's great!” Julian burst then suddenly calmed himself. He ran a hand through his brown hair to keep from jumping.

“Yes. I don’t really care for children. I’ll be going now. But any funny business and I’ll send him to a different orphanage.” She went to leave and Julian held the door open for her. She nodded a goodbye at him.

“Orphanage?” Julian muttered as he watched her leave. He had never thought about an orphanage before. He had just been looking after the children. But not all of them were orphans, but he guessed that not all children in proper orphanages were orphans either. He put a hand to his face and thought about it. He finally decided that it could be an orphanage. Eleanor interrupted his thinking.

“Julian? Is Fergus staying?” She tugged on his blue shirt.

“Yes. Yes he is.” He picked her up and carried her to the kitchen.

“I like him. He’s sweet.” She commented as she sat on the island next to Fergus. She stroked his head gently.

“Yes, he is sweet.” Julian agreed, looking at Fergus, his blue eyes were staring into Julian’s green eyes.

“Hungry?” Julian asked both of them.

Eleanor nodded enthusiastically.

“What do you want?” He opened the cupboard.

“Pasta!” Eleanor’s favourite food: pasta and cheese.

“Alrighty then.” Julian laughed, he knew she was going to say that and had already got the pasta out of the cupboard.

“And Fergus wants milk!” She added.

Julian chuckled and got the special baby milk out the fridge to warm up.

As the pasta was bubbling away in the pan on the stove, Julian placed the bottle of milk in the microwave and pressed the buttons.

“Can I press it?” Eleanor burst out just before Julian pressed start. He nodded and lifted her off the island and over to the microwave which was situated on the marble counters that ran all around the edge of the kitchen.

“Beep!” Eleanor made the noise as the machine did and she giggled as she watched the milk spin continuously.

“You want cheese on your pasta? Grated or cubed?” Julian shouted from the fridge in the opposite side of the room, he got the cheese out and a knife.

“Cubed!” She squealed excitedly. She got excited over a lot of minor things. That's one of the things Julian loved about her.

“Alrighty then.” He said again, beginning to cut the large block of cheddar into small cubes which he would then mix with the pasta and let it all melt in.

“Julian?” Eleanor asked as a small bowl of pasta and cheese was placed in front of her.

“Yes?” He raised his eyebrows at the tone of her voice.

“Do you like me?” She said quickly and looked at her pasta.

“Of course I like you Eleanor. How could you think otherwise?” He sat down on a stool next to her at an island.

“Because it looks like Bonnie and Mitchell are best friends and you like Bonnie more than me.” She said sadly.

“I love and like all of you the same.” Julian smiled. “Don’t worry, Eleanor. They like you too. You can always stick with me if they are being too immature for you.” His smile grew as she grinned at him.

“Thanks Julian.” She said, blushing. He nodded and got the bottle out of the microwave and fed it to Fergus.

The End

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