Chapter 4Mature

Julian had been busy all the night, feeding Fergus every few hours. It didn’t help that Fergus usually woke Bonnie, Mitchell and Eleanor up when he started to cry. So, Julian had to calm down everyone constantly while trying not to think about the sleep he was losing. Eventually, even though Julian was a patient man, he couldn’t take it. He started to talk between gritted teeth to Bonnie, Mitchell and Eleanor as they asked how to get to sleep. Then, after he saw his ideas were failing, he sang to all of them.

They gathered in Julian’s bed: Bonnie, Mitchell and Eleanor as Julian himself sat on the edge rocking Fergus in his arms. He sang them Vanilla Twilight by Owl City. His smooth voice made them all drift slowly to sleep in his bed. As he realised they were all asleep, Julian stopped singing and put dozing Fergus in his cot in the room opposite.

As Julian lay him down, he carried on humming. Julian suddenly didn’t feel tired. He trudged downstairs.

He went to the kitchen and made a small pot of coffee. He had always hated the stuff, but he needed waking up. He had some in his cupboard at all times for Bonnie, who loved cold coffee every once in a while for a treat.

He sipped the boiling liquid quickly and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Vanilla Twilight was in his head and he began humming again. But he knew what would make the song in his head better: his piano.

His piano was situated in the smaller of the two sitting rooms, which used to be a dining room, but Julian had it converted.

It stood alone in the corner as Julian went over to it and wiped the thin layer of dust off the top where several photos stood in dusty frames. His sighed as he thought about the people in the frames. His sister grinned cheekily from one of the silver frames. Her golden hair messed up by the wind, but she still looked beautiful. Julian picked up the picture and stared at it.

He put it down after a few moments and sat down on the cushiony piano bench. He opened the small piano to see the keys.

The keys had also covered mass amounts of dust, for he had not played in a while. His fingers felt the smooth keys and he closed his eyes as his hands found a position.

He began to play At Dawn by Galt Aureus and started to sing softly. As he played the chorus his voice and piano picked up tempo and volume, his low voice matching perfectly with the song. It felt good to be playing again.

His hands didn’t miss a note as the song ended. He finally opened his eyes again and sat in front of the piano silently.

“Julian?” Crap. He had woken Bonnie.

“Hey. Did I wake you? I’m sorry. Go back to sleep, Bon.” Julian stood and ushered her to the stairs.

“Play more. It was lovely.” She said, smiling tiredly. Julian grinned back at her.

“Ok. Come and sit.” They sat together in front of the piano, this time he played Citadels. The softer than meant to be melody made Bonnie’s eyes droop as she leaned against Julian.

“Regrets raise no citadels.” He finished and Bonnie blinked wildly.

“It was lovely.” She repeated.

“Thank you. Now we should get you to bed and Fergus will want more food in a minute or two.” Julian carried her upstairs carefully and placed her under the warm covers of her bed. He couldn’t risk waking Mitchell or Eleanor.

“Julian?” Bonnie whispered through the semidarkness of her room.

“Yes?” Julian answered.

“I hope Fergus stays.” She turned over in her bed. She had a grown up bed for a few months. Julian saw no reason why not.

“So do I.” He agreed.

“Night.” He whispered and he shut her door.

He stood outside her door for a moment, thinking of how such a wonderful girl couldn’t be wanted. He was suddenly jerked back to reality as he heard crying from Fergus’ room.

Julian got the warm milk out of the microwave, tested it and fed it to Fergus, who sucked happily.

“I hope you don’t leave tomorrow. It’d be such a shame. You don’t want to live with her, do you?” He spoke to the baby in his arms. Fergus looked up at him with big blue eyes as if he agreed.

Normally, Julian always saw the best in people, but the way Ms Gibbons turned her nose up as if everything gave off a horrid smell Julian couldn’t help but dislike her. But he would never let up that he didn’t like her as much as he would have if she didn’t act like that. Maybe if he acted that he didn’t mind her snobbish ways, she wouldn’t be so like she was now.

Julian shook the thoughts about her out of his head and looked at the clock on the wall as the first lights of the morning came streaming in through the crack in the navy curtains.

The red blinking numbers showed Julian that it was ten to six. He put a hand to his forehead slowly, and rubbed his eyes.

He thought he should at least try to get more sleep as tiredness came over him again. He slept for half an hour in Mitchells bed then had to wake up again as Eleanor was shaking him gently.

“Julian! Julian!” She was whispering loudly.

“Hey, Ellie.” He slurred as he sat up.

“I’m hungry!” She whined, smiling.

“Ok. Ok. Let me just wake up a bit more first. Do you want to go watch Cbeebies? Go on downstairs.” Eleanor nodded excitedly.

“Bye, Julian!” She skipped away.

“Oh, and Ellie, did you wake Mitchell up?” Julian shouted after her.

“Yep.” She replied and he heard a faint laugh.

“Ugh.” Julian stood up slowly. Yawning, he looked around the room. He had no idea of which room he had chosen to sleep in. He soon found it was Mitchells when he saw the white walls were stained with food. He saw the place where Mitchell had chosen to throw his toast and jam after Julian had burnt it slightly.

Julian trudged once again down the creaking stairs.

The End

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