Out of the frying pan and into the fireMature

Chapter Eleven – Out of the frying pan and into the fire

                There was a small but lavish party dinner after the wedding. Creon opened his palace and many people from the village arrived to wish the happy couple well and to take some of the excess food of his hands. There was dancing and merriment. The Kriskon’s provided lovely and exotic entertainment. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

                Brandos stood on the beach by his ship awaiting his bride and newly appointed princess. He was alone and gazed up at the myriad splattering of stars that made up the night sky. Waves gently swished and crashed against the surf. Saphara joined him at his side in her pink dress. Her skin glowed white and Marduk held her small hand.

                “Goddess.” Said Brandos in greeting.

                “Happy now? You look a little confused.” Said Saphara after taking a sip of a magically conjured goblet of nectar.

                “I still don’t know how I’m going to pull Kriskos out of my ass.” He grumbled.

                “Ohhhh, did you really think I was going to send you packing, mortal? Marduk took care of it.”

                “What?” exclaimed Brandos excitedly.

                “Marduk is a water god and so he has more power over raising a sunken island than me. You will set sail for three days due east of here. The ship will take you there and your journey will be smooth.”

                “Ohhhh, thank you!” Brandos swooped the tiny goddess in to his arms and spun around on the beach.

                “Am I actually going to be a prince?” he asked after setting her down.

                “You will be whomever you want to be, Brandos. When you get to the island your life will come together however you desire.”

                “Will I ever see you again?” he asked with a small note of sadness in his voice.

                “I’ll come whenever you need me, mortal. I think I might actually stick around and cause a bit of trouble.” There was an impish look about her face.

                “Haha well you know where I’ll be!” 

                Sand crunched on the beach. Flavia and her father arrived. Slaves carried chests of her belongings and began to load them onto the boat. When they had finished, Flavia kissed her father goodbye and took a hold of Brandos’s outstretched hand. She waved goodbye to the queen who nodded farewell in return. Flavia’s eyes furrowed at the tall man that supported the obviously tipsy monarch. “Who is that?” asked Flavia as Brandos carried her onto the ship.

                “Her husband.”

                “The queen is married? Where has he been all this time?”

                “I think he kinda tends to come and go, sorta like Saphara herself.”

                “I thought her name was Sapho.”

                “She has many names, my love.” Said Brandos finishing the conversation.

                The happy couple waved goodbye on the deck of the ship. Almost all of the inhabitants had arrived along to beach and threw grains of rice at the departing ship. Creon held back tears and smiled. His daughter had married a prince. But more importantly, she married a man she loved.

                Brandos deposited his wife onto the cushioned bed inside the main cabin of the ship. Curtains hung from the low walls which created an intimate appeal. Musky incense burned and lamps were lightly lit to give the room a sensual glow. Brandos kissed Flavia and didn’t stop. The kisses ranged from quick to long and from sweet to hungry, but all were loving.  Flavia kissed him on every inch of exposed skin, dragging her tongue along his chiseled muscles. He tasted salty and which she decided was very good. Soft moans escaped her lips as Brandos buried his face in her chest. He caressed the full rosy peaks with his fingers and suckled on her nipples. Flavia thrashed at the exquisite sensations that Brandos administered with skill and love. His head dipped lower and lower down her sweet body. He slowly tugged her dress down and kissed the length of her exposed flesh. Brandos stopped at her navel and flickered his tongue there. The unusual feeling elicited chills from Flavia and her pleasure was evident in the way her hips bucked off the bed. A devilish look gleamed in Brandos’s eye. He took his time but eventually he reached her Temple and kissed her soundly on her nether lips. Flavia was dripping honeyed juices that Brandos was all too greedy to lap up. And he licked. And licked. And licked some more until Flavia exalted in a quavering orgasm.  Eager to reproduce the same pleasure that Brandos gave her, Flavia shot up and pushed Brandos down onto the bed. He laughed at her sudden bold behavior and allowed himself to be bossed around by his tiny wife. Flavia kissed him all over. She stuck her tongue on the inside of his ear and held it there for a few seconds as she fondled his sac. Flavia was naked but Brandos’s lower regions were covered by a wrap of cloth. Hungrily, she ripped the offending covering and cast it about the cabin. Flavia gasped.

                She had never seen a manhood before. Well, the tiny shriveled members on young boys didn’t count. This well-endowed member sprang forth proudly from a thatch of trim hair. It was hard as a rock and yet as soft as velvet. She stroked it gently and Brandos inhaled sharply.

                “My love? Have I hurt you?” she asked hurriedly.

                “No. Don’t stop.” Brandos’s voice was hoarse and strained. He feared he would blow prematurely. Intrigued, Flavia did as she was told and stroked his burgeoning flesh. She lowered her pretty head and her long hair tumbled across Brandos’s abdomen. Flavia took the tip of his phallus into his mouth and suckled. She took him deeper and deeper into her mouth until he was fully enclosed. She licked and suckled and pleasured. Flavia loved the feeling of such power in her mouth but what she loved more was the fact that it belonged to Brandos. She wanted nothing more than to stay like this forever but was interrupted when Brandos pulled away. He silenced her protests with a firm kiss and took her hands into his. Brandos led her from to bed to where a tall column of wood stood as support for the ship. Instinctually, Flavia knew what to do. She pressed her body into the smoothed support and positioned her rear outward. Brandos knelt and spread cheeks and began to love on that puckered forbidden spot.

                “Brandos!” she cried. “You are eating me there?” Brandos didn’t reply but shoved his tongue in deep. He kissed her plump white ass and nipped at the tender flesh. Brandos lapped at the juices that began to trickle down the inside of her thighs. He knew that she was very close to climaxing again; Brandos thrust a finger into her Temple and felt the preorgasmic tremors of her moist inner walls. He pulled her down to her knees and he knelt behind her. Flavia clung to the wooden beam. Her sensitive nipples chafed wondrously against the sanded surface.  Her body responded restlessly to Brandos’s tender kisses along her shoulder blades, neck, and back.  Brandos placed his large hands on her rounded bottom and spread her firmly. He rocked his hips in an upward motion and slid his erection between her slick wet crevice to harden himself again. When Brandos was ready, he positioned his phallus at the gate of her dewy Temple. He placed his hands on her scalloped waist and held her steady. Whispering in her ear Brandos asked,


                “Take me, Brandos.” Pleaded Flavia. And in one quick thrust Brandos burst through Flavia’s maidenhead. Pain shot through her core but it was quickly forgotten as Brandos bit her neck. Exquisite pleasures took hold of her senses and Flavia was lost. Brandos pistoned slowly and deeply at first but then began to increase his tempo. He paced himself and breathed heavily. Brandos kissed her neck and shoulders and loved every single bit of her body. And so, the two lovers responded to one another as nature intended. Their mutual climax shot them to the stars where they both floated in illustrious bliss only to come crashing down back to earth where they lay tangled in each other’s arms.

                The love they shared cannot be written, nor can it be defined by a third person. Theirs was the kind of love that was true, that was honest, and that was pure. It was the kind of love that was strong and enduring. It was a love to be aspired. Brandos and Flavia crested back and forth from that holy experience where love is not just a feeling, but a place. They did so several times that evening until the both of them were thoroughly exhausted, only to arise at dawn to continue where they had left off. It was that simple.


The End

The End

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